YSL Gets a Little Cagey

p style=”text-align: left;”>YSL Cage Ankle Boots
Yves Saint Laurent is hands down one of my favorite designers ever, for clothes, accessories … or shoes. And I think I can pretty safely say that these Yves Saint Laurent Caged Ankle Boots are by the far the coolest shoes I have ever seen. Ever.

They look so unbelievably cool, like metal or wire or something wrapping around your feet, turning you instantly into this powerful, warrior kind of goddess Amazon woman — who happens to have flawless taste in shoes.

A Little Envy for Jessica Simpson’s Evoni Sandals

Jessica Simpson Evoni sandals

Jessica Simpson really is a killer shoe designer – or rather, she’s got good help, because whomever is working up her shoe designs really knows what they’re doing. This is the Jessica Simpson Evoni Sandal, and it is just drop dead gorgeous.

The New Face of Platforms


When most people see or hear or read about platform shoes, it calls to mind some brightly colored, clashing, utterly awful 1970s version of the style – but platforms are changing with the times, just like everything else. They have a practical purpose now, yes – so you can totter around in staggeringly high heels and still maintain some semblance of balance – but they aren’t just functional.

Leather & Feathers from Shannon Britt

Shannon Britt flats - Olivia Flats

Have you ever come across a shoe, and you really aren’t sure if you like it or would ever want to wear it, but you still can’t help but admire it because it’s so strange and somehow innovative? Shannon Britt just did that to me, with her Olivia Flats. I sort of don’t get these shoes, and yet I do. I’m pretty sure I would never wear them, partly because I couldn’t possibly feel stable or comfortable.

Crazy High Top Sneakers Courtesy of See By Chloe

See by Chloe High Top Wedge Sneakers

The See by Chloe line of shoes has some really awesome pairs of footwear. They run the gamut from snazzy and stylish to edgy and elegant to innovative and downright bizarre – not that there’s anything wrong with bizarre shoes.

Bow Down to Balenciaga’s Beautiful Shoe Boots

Balenciaga Shoes
When most people think of Balenciaga, they think of handbags rather than heels, but really, Balenciaga shoes are some of the most stylish you can find. Currently, I am especially obsessed with these Balenciaga shoe boots, for a number of different reasons. For one thing, I love the Oxford feeling you get […]