Bebe Gives Us Our Dream Shoe

Every woman has a dream shoe, and everyone’s dream shoe is different. Maybe your dream is a flashy and trendy shoe or perhaps it is a classic and sophisticated shoe. No matter your dream shoe, it no doubt is a compilation of everything that you have ever wanted in a shoe.

Jessica Simpson Shoes Makes Your Outfit Sizzle

p style=”text-align: left;”>What do you do when your outfit is missing that certain something? You have no doubt been in that position before; running late for work or an event, you take a look at yourself in the mirror and think “something is missing”.

The good news is that there is an easy fix to this situation: change your shoes! In most outfits, it is the shoe that either makes or breaks your outfit so choosing the perfect pair is critical. Lucky for you, the Jessica Simpson shoes collection has created spectacular designs to add the right amount of pizazz that you are looking for.

The Ely shoe is the perfect combination of girliness and class. Simpson takes the classic Mary Jane style and switches it up with her own little touches. The peep toe adds a modern twist while the pink color blocks add extra prettiness. When in a fashion rut or bored with your work outfit simply add the Ely shoe and your outfit will be complete. Why you’re at it, why not wear them to the next job interview you have? You will be surprised at the power that a shoe can have!

Celebrity Style Watch: Fendi & Kim Kardashian

We all look to celebrities for fashion tips and new styles to try for ourselves. Every celebrity has their own style just like every one of us has our own style, so it is important to find someone who’s style you can identify with. The hardest part in emulating a celebrity’s style is identifying and finding the products that they are wearing. So when Kim Kardashian was recently spotted looking chic

Carlos Santana Wedge Heaven

Luckily, Carlos Santana’s spring/summer collection has enough wedges to keep you feeling sexy for months to come!

[caption id="attachment_2605" align="aligncenter" width="350" caption="Bohemia Wedge"][/caption]

Carlos Santana’s Women’s Bohemia wedge
provides a clean, comfortable look with just the right amount of trendiness. The beige/camel color makes these shoes a perfect match to virtually everything you wear. The faux leather straps have cutout detail that makes these wedges stand out. The Bohemia shoe sits on 1 inch platforms, but the wedge will add 4 ¼ inches to your height.

Louis Vuitton Embraces Spring

Spring time is my favorite time of year for shoes. It’s the first season after winter to kick off your boots and slip into something more comfortable. Ahhhh, open toes – much better! Nothing says “spring” better than an open toe sandal; well, nothing except an open toe sandal with feminine embellishment, that is.

Vivienne Westwood Knows How to Embellish

Every shoe lover can appreciate a pretty, feminine shoe. This type of shoe will never go out of fashion because it is really the essence of a woman’s shoe. At the same time, take a pretty, feminine shoe and add on some embellishment and, well, it takes it to a completely different level! This is […]