Step on the Sand with Madden

So the summer is here and that means that it is time to start hitting the beach. But do you have your summer wardrobe in order? Beach dress? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Floppy hat? Check. Super cute sandals? Before you answer- styrofoam and plastic flip-flops do not count! You don’t have to wear cheap supermarket flip-flops […]

Keep it Flat with Chanel

Ugly shoes do not equal comfortable! Likewise, just because a shoe is absolutely adorable doesn’t mean that it has to hurt your feet. If you are looking for the perfect shoe to rest your soles but still look sylish, check out this season’s Chanel’s ballerina flats.

Chanel Multi-Color Stretch Ballerina in Tweed

So I am not usually a tweed kind of girl but there is something about this ballerina flat that really gets me. Maybe it is because of all the colors incorporated into it. Tweed to me always seems so heavy which makes it great for the cold weather but not really for the warm weather. However, I think the light fresh colors make it a good fit for the summer.

Marc Jacobs, Take Me Away….

When I dream about shoes, I usually think of pink, sparkly peep toes spiked heels. Yes, these are the images that also help me to fall asleep at night; but once in a while there is a rogue dream. Like all your unconscious visions, sometimes your mind takes you elsewhere – someplace you don’t necessarily […]

Step Up with Fendi Platforms

Fendi Fantasia Platform

Everyone has a different shoe style. Some women like to stick with classic looks that don’t take any risks and that blend in with the crowd. While some women enjoy a unique shoe that pushes fashion limits and casts the spot light on them and their feet. If you are reading this blog, you are likely part of this second group. If you have been looking for a shoe that

3 Shoes With White Hot Style

Cole Haan Sandals

The sparkly vamp of these Cole Haan shoes brings this sandal out from the beach and into the city. You can wear these on vacation or on a night out with your friends. I love

Singing the Blues in Style

dereon shoes

Walking down the street wearing these shoes will surely get you noticed. The Torch sandals from Dereon are bold and not afraid to show it. The soft, faux metallic leather is bold but chic. The vamp straps and 4 ½ inch heels give this sandal a dressy look, making it appropriate