On a Gold Platter

You have all seen how metal has made its way to your footwear not only for structure but for aesthetic purposes as well. From season to season, designers have come up with ingenious measures to incorporate this gleaming element into women’s favorite accessory; hence, the creation of metallic shoes, metal-capped toes, and metal heels.  However, […]

Celebrity Shoe-stopper: Britney Spears

Britney Spears made it back to the headlines and thankfully, it’s not because of another paparazzi attack or a shaving session. The release of her music video “Criminal” garnered a billion views on Vevo.  Once you catch a glimpse of the sweltering scenes of her and her real life beau who plays the lead, you […]

Lacy and Racy Designer Shoes

Yes, lace shoes have graced the runways and pavements for the longest time now. Here are a few sampling from the world’s premiere shoe labels.

Fifi by Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Fifi Shoes

Nobody knows lace better than the French and the famed Christian Louboutin demonstrated that very well in his collection of lace shoes

Bizarre & Beautiful

Part of the Chanel shoes Spring 2009 Cruise Collection, the gun shoes are satin platform pumps that feature a buckled ankle strap.

Rocket Shoes by Prada

Prada Rocket Shoes

While British and French labels have already showcased their own nonconformity, the Italian house of Prada follows lead and proves how fun they can get.

The Emmy Awards 2011: The Stars in Heels

While most of the dazzling designer shoes that night weren’t given their much-deserved exposure because of long trail gowns, there are those who shone on the red carpet and here we round up a few.

Lea Michele in Manolo Blahnik

Among the ladies in red that night, Lea Michele was the