Christian Louboutin Spring-Summer 2012 Collection

Indulge yourselves in this array of gorgeous footwear.

Christian Louboutin Torero

Christian Louboutin ToreroThe name alone suggests that Louboutin drew inspiration from these Spanish bullfighters. One glance at this pair would evoke images of a handsome matador in his exquisite costume of intricate beading design. The Torero peep-toe shoes feature glamorous satin leather lined with fine black embroidery from the ankle to the vamp. Even its 150 mm heels are dotted with black crystals. This pair is perfect for evening wear and red-carpet events. Perhaps the wives of matadors may want to grab one of these to wear for their husbands’ next performance.

Blog of the Week 1: That’s Chic

Behind every fashion blog is its equally stylish author. Although chronicling fashion isn’t too much of a chore for someone who has a passion for that field, it becomes quite a struggle to find a personal niche in a market that’s brimming with a bazillion blogs. So how does a blogger get an edge in the competition? The answer is simple: creativity. And one of the few who epitomizes that is a chic Vietnamese residing in the Orange County.

Thats Chic

Kristen Stewart and her Vampy Kicks

The self-confessed tomboy has provoked criticism from the fashion police and earned the praise of the avant-garde for pairing couture dresses with sneakers. It was inevitable though that along with her rise to fame, she has traded her trusty Chucks and succumbed to the charm of designer shoes. Here’s a round-up of her winning fashion moments, with her choice of footwear as the major point for judging.

Vibe by Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Vibe

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011: Angels in Heels

Adriana Lima looked especially stunning in the various looks she sported for this section. The fourth highest paid model of the world strutted on the runway wearing black strappy sandals embellished with organza rosette appliqués straight from Giuseppe Zanotti’s spring 2011 collection. With a heel measurement of 4.5 inches, these sandals feature round toes, slim stitched straps and a zip fastening at the rear ankle.

Wedge Booties

wedge booties

Sexy Shoes and the City Part 3

Since it is almost impossible to itemize six season’s worth of shoes, here is perhaps just a quarter of her massive shoe collection. And of course, expect a lot of Manolos!

Mable Feather-Adorned Biker Sandals by Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Mable Feathered Sandals

Sexy Shoes and the City Part 2

Apparently, people just can’t get enough of Carrie, Samanatha, Charlotte and Miranda.

Two years after the successful movie adaptation of Sex and the City, a sequel came out, much to the delight of its loyal viewers who stuck with the girl gang since 1998.

Vivienne Westwood Gladiator Sandals

The movie poster itself was

Sexy Shoes and the City: Part 1

How will Carrie’s signature styling go well with the present trend? The answer is simple: She doesn’t! After all, she isn’t one to blend in the crowd; she stands out. See for yourself.

Sedaraby (Zebra) by Manolo Blahnik

In one part of the film, she wore a rose print bubble-hem top and matching skirt with zebra-print pumps and orange clutch—clearly defying the laws of proper color harmony. But Carrie doesn’t follow rules; she makes them!

If these designer pumps look strangely familiar, you’d be surprised to know that it’s actually the “stolen shoes’’ from Season 6, only it has undergone some safari makeover.

The Best of Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

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It’s All in the Heels

Shoes can make or great break an outfit. That’s the most basic piece of wisdom every girl must be able to obtain as early as when the concept of ego begins to settle inside her. While many cautionary tales have been spread about what kind of footwear can ruin an entire attire, here is a […]

Beyonce Knowles: Running the World in Christian Louboutin Shoes

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The Reinvention of Jimmy Choo

As you may have recently seen on the magazine racks, In Style Magazineputs the spotlight on Gwen Stefani for its November 2011 issue. Clad in Japanese vixen-inspired ensemble, she wore a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes that may seem all too familiar for fashion connoisseurs and Choo patrons. The shoes are called ‘Marlene’ and they […]