Blog of the Week 6: The Shoedish

Sex PumpsAs its name suggests, the left and right pieces spells out together the word ‘SEX’ in capital letters, each one dotted with Swarovski crystals, as if to put more stress on the word. Well, you can’t help but wonder if more emphasis is necessary when ‘sex’ is practically a strong word in itself. In fact, The Shoedish was right when they said it need not be spelled as “they pretty much speak for themselves”.

Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection

banks1The three-time (yes, THREE!) Oscar nominee owes a part of her success to other distinguished labels donned by the characters. Given the whimsical and bizarre couture of the Capitol, Alexander McQueen couldn’t be any more perfect. At the scene where Effie greeted the District 12 tributes at the Capitol train station, she wore an eye-catching pair of McQueen’s.

Blog of the Week 5: Karla’s Closet

“I don’t wear heels and a tutu to get coffee at Starbucks so that people can stare at me. I wear it because that is what I feel good in.” –Karla Deras

KarlasClosetWell, people can’t probably help staring at her—Karla Deras is simply eye-catching. And the best part? She does it with little or no effort at all.

With her enviable dimples, Angelina Jolie lips, and bold pixie haircut, Karla is a real beauty. Add an eclectic and sophisticated sartorial taste and you have a woman who’s made to stand out in the crowd. In her case, she stands out not only in a crowd but

Christian Louboutin at 20: The Capsule Collection

Complete the sentence: “In 20 years, I will be _____________________.”
You’d be surprised at how many interesting answers you could come up with or how you’d find yourself totally at loss for words. In 20 years, you could be immersing yourself in a completely different culture in another country, probably somewhere exotic.
You could be hosting a […]