Add Some Flair with KOS Boots

When you think of boots you probably think of practicality, durability and maybe even sensibility but I guarantee that you don’t think of studs, pearls and shine. Well, KOS has really evolved the boot as we know it. They are no longer only for trudging through the snow, mud and rain; they are now available to excite your eyes, too!

Kingdom Of Sheepskin (KOS) has transformed the ugly boot into “a true thing of beauty” and this collection really ups the ante. First up is the Buster. The Buster takes an ugly boot and simply bedazzles it. It is covered in silver and gold beads in various shapes and colors.

Style: Buster

KOS Boots, Style Buster

Next is Startrek, and it really does resemble a trip to the moon (you know, besides the zippers). This one has differently shaped beading which is reminiscent of the moon, sun and stars. I’m not entirely sure of the purpose of the zippers, though I imagine it is purely for fashion, and who I am to question fashion? Best of all, the Startrek comes in three colors: black, chocolate and turtle silver gray. I think that the turtle silver gray would best compliment the starry sky scene of the Startrek.

Style: StarTrek

Startrek KOS Boots

Third is the Forever boot. For some reason this boot really appeals to me visually. I really like the copper embellishment, though I still would probably only wear it in the snow (I am a platform and pump kind of girl). The combination of the black and copper gives a clean and polished look – well, as clean and polished as a boot can be! This is a higher boot then the others; it looks like it will come up to about ¾ high on your leg, and will look super cute over your jeans.

Style: Forever

KOS Boots Forever

The final KOS boots style we are looking at is the Encore, has a bit more of a simple look than the others. The Encore uses white pearls to add some excitement to the boot. The pearls bring a dainty style to these boots; and, in fact, I think this boot has the most feminine look out of all four styles because of this. The Encore comes in black, chestnut and chocolate. Personally, I think the chocolate color will complement the pearls best.

Style: Encore

Encore KOS BootsJust because the weather is cold doesn’t mean you have to lose all shoe fashion sense. Throw away those ugly boots and slip into a pair that doesn’t compromise your style but still gives you what you need. Look no further than KOS boots!

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