Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection

For those of you who have already seen The Hunger Games, you can pretty much understand the film’s unendorsed relevance to Alexander McQueen’s Autumn/Winter 2012 collection.  As for those who haven’t…well, why haven’t you? The movie wasn’t a box office hit for nothing! From Stephen King to Stephenie Meyer, the icons of contemporary literature were in awe of Suzanne Collins’ brainchild and so were avid readers of fiction novels.

The film adaptation wasn’t received any differently and was heavily lauded and critically acclaimed, with Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson becoming overnight superstars. The Hunger Games made history with a whopping $155 million box office receipts on opening day, thereby becoming the third-best debut of all time.

banks1Besides the gripping action sequences, compelling plot-line (which was clearly and fundamentally part Roman history and part Greek mythology) and a charming cast, the costume design was worth raving about. The citizens of the Capitol of Panem breathed on opulence and flamboyance and costume designer Judianna Makovsky did remarkably in materializing those self-indulgent virtues through outlandish outfits and make-up. You can bet that come Halloween 2012, many will arrive dressed as Effie Trinket, escort of the District 12 tributes.

In a sea of disheveled residents of the coal-mining district, Effie emerged at the scene of the ‘reaping’ looking like Marie Antoinette’s lady-in-waiting. If Makovsky wanted to raise eyebrows and stupefy the audience with powdered wigs, peculiar make-up, and exaggeratedly proportioned dresses in pulsating colors, well she has done one heck of a job. “In the book, the fashions are so outrageous in the Capitol that they aren’t meant to be actually worn. And that was the point: poking fun at fashion, and how outrageous trends can be,” she explained.

The three-time (yes, THREE!) Oscar nominee owes a part of her success to other distinguished labels donned by the characters. Given the whimsical and bizarre couture of the Capitol, Alexander McQueen couldn’t be any more perfect. At the scene where Effie greeted the District 12 tributes at the Capitol train station, she wore an eye-catching pair of McQueen’s.

The peep-toe heels were the Faithful booties from Lee McQueen’s final collection — Fall 2010. Made of metallic gold leather, it features a front-zip detail and folded collar with snap closures. The shoes were a perfect touch to Effie’s stunning lavender brocade dress.

Alexander McQueen’s Fall/Winter 2012 collection is yet another testimony to how the brand fit ‘Capitol Couture’ to a tee.

When Burton was asked about the collection, she has this to share: “The future's usually shown as stark and cold. I wanted lightness, the sense that the dresses were hovering." True enough, just a few minutes into the show, anyone could already grasp her vision of a “beautiful future”.  The platinum-haired models came out in frothy, furry and frilly dresses that resonated the beauty found under the sea or in the deepest corners of a tropical forest. With a generous use of tulle, feather, organza and fur, the audience indulged themselves in an ethereal show of floating flowers in full bloom, foamy coral reefs, swaying bright-hued anemones and “rippling underbellies of mushrooms”.

The footwear were treated the same delightful excess— this time adding pony skin, mink, suede and floral appliqué. The champion of gravity-defying footwear, the House of McQueen added a show-stopping twist to their heel-less creations: silver horse shoes. mcqueen 2012

While some pieces were outright feminine and flirty, others were simply anomalous. The hoof-like designs are obviously intended for those who dared not only to be different but really stand out. With it, Alexander McQueen has now joined the fun in ‘animal mimicry’, alongside Christian Louboutin who was the genius behind the Alex lion paw pumps.
heel-less shoes
As is always the McQueen tradition, the show was an animate art exposition and a celebration of nature. As Hal Rubenstein, InStyle magazine fashion director, put it: 'It was exhilarating... you just sit back and relish the sense of fantasy.” Without a doubt, the rest was just as spellbound.

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