Fashion Accessory Must Have For The Autumn Season

As the sun waves goodbye it`s time to say hello to the latest autumn fashion accessories. Every year the autumn season brings out a new range of great accessories and 2011 is no different. From fedora hats to geometric jewelery that reflects the prints and styles seen on clothes over the summer, this autu8mn serves up a fab range of great accessories. Scarves are of course an autumn classic, this year`s twist being the infinity scarf. Mixed metals and collar necklaces return this year after some time away. Designer boots are unashamed, attention grabbing and knee high. Male accessories this year include backpacks, small bags and large watches.

The infinity scarf is one of many scarf options this autumn. The Inifni9ty scarf is worn low comprised of a perfect circle of pretty print and warmth all at once. Scarves are the perfect way to keep wearing the prints you loved on your summer dress this year. Prints are still big and can now be used to keep your neck warm; geometrics, animal print and large florals all look great on a woman`s scarf.

With autumn comes wind and there`s nothing more infuriating than spending 45 minutes on your hair (and the rest) for it to be blown to bed head in ten seconds. Investing in a good hat this autumn is another way to be up with the latest trends. That 70`s look is just not going anywhere and wide brimmed 70`s hats are still looking great continuing into autumn. Fedoras are also popular this season and hats are moving to the winter months by featuring warmer textures such as felt and suede.

Glam hats can only be worn with one thing- glam gloves. This autumn glove wear is all about elegance and luxury. Key fabrics for gloves are leather or suede and gloves should be worn long to the elbow.

It`s time to chuck the flip flops to the back of the wardrobe and lay the ballerinas finally to rest. Boots are big this season and high as ever. Knee high is the way to work it and attention grabbing is what you want. All sorts of adornments are good this season, such as tassels and buckles. Fabrics for boots include suede, leather and even snakeskin.

As the weather draws colder and the casual summer work look returns to a smarter style, it`s time to lose the slouchy oversized handbag and go for a smart bag this season- the structured handbag. These bags are not exclusive to a certain size but work from the smallest handbags to large overnighters. They work great with an office look and can be found in a range of colours such as the bright blue that is so hot this season.

Jewelery looks this year are anything but subtle with necklaces, rings and and bracelets becoming statement pieces. Tying in with the ethnic and tribal clothes styles, tribal and geometric jewelery pieces are great this autumn. Mixing metals is also big this autumn, a look that goes from loathed to loved every few years. But in 2011/2012, it is totally fine to wear a blend of gold, bronze and silver on rings, bracelets or necklaces.

For men, the ubiquitous Man Bag is becoming acceptable to the point of essential. Small bags are great for men who just need something to put their keys and wallets in (you can hear girlfriends sighing a sigh of relief the world over). Backpacks are also back and for many men, it`s been a long old wait. Backpacks are the ultimate easy bag for blokes and this time they are not just sporty, but also available in smarter leather styles.

Men`s hats this season have seen the return of the flat cap as seen on Brad Pitt and Justin Timberlake this year. Also textured wool and fur hats are a great style this season, not just because they look good either, but because it is going to be pretty arctic this winter. Watches for men are best worn BIG this autumn, (another sigh of relief from girlfriends as men start turning up on time).

This autumn sees glamorous hats and gloves, statement boots and structured bags for the ladies. Chunky knit hats and big watches work with the Diesel Clothing mens choices that have been brought out for this season. For men there are now no excuses for lost keys or late arrivals with the great choice of watches and bags available.

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