Be Refined with Anne Klein: New York Refined Dress Sandals

Anne Klein New York Refined Dress Sandal

No one does classy and elegant like Anne Klein, who even manages to make sandals carry an eloquence other shoe designers should envy. Even the name of this shoe, the New York Refined Dress Sandal, makes it clear that Anne Klein knows where it's at when it comes to style and sophistication.

I'll be honest, I'm normally not a fan of brown shoes. Shades of brown just aren't my thing, no matter how tasteful they might be. For these Anne Klein sandals, though, I think I could seriously make an exception. They really are so classic, but they're super stylish at the same time. Something about them is just so rich, you know? Although this is unequivocally a dress shoe, it is still really young and hip. Something about the thick heel does it for me. Chunky heels are so hot right now, and pairing it with such an elegant silhouette does wonders.

The strap across the ankle is made of elastic, not that you can tell. The good news is, the strip makes the shoes super comfortable, and word on the street is that they fit like a dream. The insole has cushioning as well, so you could probably pound the pavement wearing these sandals all day and be no worse for the wear.

The heel is about 3 and ¾ inches, and the shoes themselves feature a leather sole, patent leather, and fabric materials. You can get them at for $156.72 if you catch the sale. Their list price is $284.95, which still ain't bad.

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