Beach Essentials

It is so wonderful to be able to kick off your shoes as soon as you step onto the
warm golden sand of a holiday beach. You can feel the heat of the sand seeping into
your soles and feel the slight grittiness of the sand between your toes.

But to some people that may seem like the worst thing to do as there are certain
people who do not like to feel sand under their feet. Their option is to keep their
shoes on until they can transfer them from the shoes straight onto their towel.

There are many shoes suitable for the beach, the most popular being of course the
flip flop or thongs as they are called in some countries. But again there is the
problem of sand getting under your feet as you walk across it or in between your
skin and the flip flop. To combat this, try sandals that are covered in and are also
waterproof as they will stop the sand getting in as well as keeping your feet well

If flip flops are not an option, many people like to wear sandals. There are many
different types you can get nowadays that are suitable for the beach from the
gladiator type with many laces and buckles to more simple ones that just have a
couple of bars across the foot that need securing.

It is not advisable however to wear sandals with beads, complicated buckles or
material that will spoil because even if you do not get wet in them, the sand can
still scratch and damage smart sandals. It is best to wear shoes on the beach that
you do not mind getting a bit spoiled.

The salt from the sea can stain shoes, often leaving like a white tidemark around
where the water has lapped over. Should this happen, try to wash in fresh water as
soon as you can to get rid of the marks but sometimes that stain will be there for
ever. But never mind, it is a good reminder of your holiday!

Unless you are really high maintenance and cannot bear to be without them, high
heels are a real no no. Your best bet for the beach are shoes that are flat
otherwise you will sink right down into the sand. If you are on a beach that is
stony, opt for shoes that cover your foot so you are not constantly having to dig
out stones from under your feet that can really hurt when you step on them.

Walking on sand and a stony beach can do wonders for your calf and thigh muscles as
your legs have to work harder to slog along the ground. Some manufacturers of shoes
have cottoned onto this fact and have come up with some pretty clever ways of
maximising this feeling.

There are several different types of flips flops that are available now that aid
your walking ability and tone up your frame more than normal shoes. Of course,
nothing is better than exercise in keeping you fit and healthy but every little
helps, so if you can improve your muscle tone just by walking in specialised shoes,
then why not, it is worth a try.

For small children, the jelly shoes that are around are a great idea as they are
fairly cheap, don`t flip off like flip flops and are fine when wet as they are made
of plastic and dry out really easily. You can also buy specialist beach shoes that
are like wetsuit boots made from neoprene that are sturdy but do not get really
heavy when saturated with water.

The ultimate though is having shoes that can easily be taken on and off without you
having to bend down to tie up laces or undo buckles. You do not want to be wasting
your time doing that when you would be swimming in the sea, building an array of
sandcastles or just lying down relaxing and enjoying the sun.

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