Bebe Gives Us Our Dream Shoe

Every woman has a dream shoe, and everyone’s dream shoe is different. Maybe your dream is a flashy and trendy shoe or perhaps it is a classic and sophisticated shoe. No matter your dream shoe, it no doubt is a compilation of everything that you have ever wanted in a shoe. Why settle for footwear that is sub-par to your desires? As for me, I refuse to settle and I have found my dream shoe in the Harriet Crochet Sandal by Bebe.

First of all, the ocean blue color of these shoes may be the most gorgeous color that I have ever seen on a shoe. It is light, fresh and so summery. In fact, when you think of warm weather, beaches and vacations, this is the color that you instantly think of. I love that this hue isn’t ordinary and that you would be hard pressed to find a sandal in this shade.

The next part of the Harriet Crochet Sandal that I love is the crochet cut out design. The delicate and intricate look of the crochet is sweet and feminine. The seamless layout extends down to the toe strap and up to the ankle strap, which has an adjustable buckle to ensure the best fit. The beige 1.25 inch platform helps to balance out the look and keeps the blue from taking it over the top. The metal spike heel adds a different tone and texture, rounding out the fashion-forward style of this shoe.

This is a shoe with options; you are not limited to one style when wearing the Harriet Crochet Sandal. You can dress these shoes up by pairing them with a skirt or dress, or you can dress them down with jeans or capris. Their versatile look makes them appropriate for both work and play, and will perfectly compliment your outfit every time. Whether you are at work, out to dinner, at a party or just out with friends, this is your summer go-to sandal.

Perhaps the best thing about these designer shoes is that you can get a completely designer and couture look for an affordable price. Ringing in at just $169, there is no reason to not buy these shoes. If you want to feel good about what you are wearing on your feet (and want others to feel good about them, too!) then make sure you make these Bebe sandals a regular in your wardrobe this summer.

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