Bizarre & Beautiful

When Lady Gaga’s eccentricity in style, music and philosophy was met with overwhelming reception, one can somehow conclude that there is nothing this world won’t embrace with open arms. In the fashion industry particularly, “weird” is almost synonymous to “beautiful”.

For instance, some style elements from the 80’s, which was touted for some time as the worst decade for fashion, have returned with a vengeance. Going further down the time continuum, trends of a more futuristic theme have also surfaced. Mila Jovovich’s iconic bandage costume in the Fifth Element has paved way for bandage dresses and skirts that fill almost everyone’s closet nowadays.

The designer shoes domain has also undergone eerie transformations as designers succumbed to their wide imaginations and materialized them, yielding pieces that are initially unthinkable but eventually brilliant.

Armadillo and Alien Shoes by Alexander McQueen

Alexander Mcqueen Armadillo

The Alexander McQueen shoes collections have always been notorious for rebellious and unorthodox pieces. That is why there is basically no need for explanation behind Lady Gaga’s loyalty to the late British designer. Who could ever forget the Alien shoes?
Being his final runway show, Alexander McQueen’s Spring-Summer 2010 collection was indeed a graceful exit. No other title could have been more suitable than “Plato’s Atlantis” as his collection was truly mythical and out of this world.

One look at the Armadillo shoes would remind you of lobster claws, only with some added texture such as reptile skin, sequins and etc. This model features a heel height of 10 inches with chunky platforms.

Alien Shoes By Alexander Mcqueen

Alexander Mcqueen Alien Shoes

Meanwhile, the Alien shoes are just as towering but its design is tamer than the Armadillo. Its intricate details have quite a relevance to the creature in the film Alien. This pair comes in a variety of colors, mostly metallic.

While they were deemed unwearable by experts, Lady Gaga proves otherwise and even dances in them while Daphne Guinness flaunted her pair at a fashion event.

Gun Shoes by Chanel

Chanel Gun Shoes

Considering Chanel’s infamy for casual elegance, you wouldn’t think the French house would dare go beyond their comfort zone and release something as quirky as pistol-shaped heels. Like Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo & Alien shoes, Chanel’s Gun Shoes was also paraded by a legendary icon, and this time it’s Madonna. The Queen of Pop wore the black edition for the NYC premiere of Filth & Wisdom.

Part of the Chanel shoes Spring 2009 Cruise Collection, the gun shoes are satin platform pumps that feature a buckled ankle strap.

Rocket Shoes by Prada

Prada Rocket Shoes

While British and French labels have already showcased their own nonconformity, the Italian house of Prada follows lead and proves how fun they can get.

Yet again, the Prada shoes collection was one of the highlights of the Spring 2012 Milan Fashion Week for its Rocket Shoes. These comfy slingbacks feature tiny rockets on its moderately high heels and flame wings around the ankle; either or both will certainly draw attention. Additionally, a bejeweled accent provides that glam feel on your toes. You can choose between curved wedge and metal stiletto heels.

You don’t have to be Lady Gaga to pull these off. All you need is a bit of guts and a whole lot of love for adventure!

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