Blair Waldorf: You Know You Love Her!

Regina George was pop culture’s Queen Bee until Blair Waldorf dethroned her. When Gossip Girl first aired back in 2007, the world has gained a brand new set of icons in entertainment and fashion; Blair was unquestionably on top of that list. Between her rivalry with best friend Serena van der Woodsen, she was portrayed as the more vile one. However, it was that very attribute which made quite a strong impression to the audience. Evil takes it sultry and sophisticated human form in Blair. Thanks to her, women all across the globe have realized that they don’t have to appear skanky and lose their composure to be effectively seductive and assertive, respectively.

Besides women’s attitude, Blair has also influenced other aspects of the female psyche and the most obvious of these is their sense of fashion. Blair was renowned for her affinity with headbands, from plain to flamboyant ones with oversized bows. Headbands were no longer associated with the ‘plain Jane’ and the prim and proper type of girls. And it wasn’t too long after the pilot episode when department stores and boutiques mass produced the timeless hair accessory. But what also deserves praiseis her choice of footwear. The Queen Bee that she is, Blair naturally wears footwear fit for royalty. Here they are:

Mary Jane platform loafer pumps by Miu Miu

Nobody does capes like Blair Waldorf and ‘The End of the Affair’ episode of Season 5 was just one of the many proofs.  Wearing a chic green cape and a green and mustard wool brocade beret, B looked like someone on the page of a Parisian fashion magazine back in the 20s or 40s. She confidently paired her mustard and green upper with patent pumps of a slightly unexpected color: wine red. The design of the shoes is quite clever—a mixing of platform pumps, penny loafers and Mary Janes.Miu Miu Loafer Pumps

Time by Stuart Weitzman

One of her striking outfits for the ‘Father and the Bride’ episode of Season 5 was yet another proof that Blair is the Queen of outerwear and headwear. Here, you’ll see her again in a beret and coat each in a different shade of blue. She was almost blue from head to toe with a blue hat and a pair of blue sheer stockings but she finished her look with gorgeous black shoes from Stuart Weitzman. The Time platform pumps feature a lace-up detail on the front with heels that measure 5 ½ inches. With a design that is simple and classic, the shoe is definitely a timeless piece.

Patent pumps by Giuseppe Zanotti

You may often catch Blair in loud prints and vivid colors but there are occasions when she takes a break from all that but she does it with so much flair. She looked pretty neat and dainty in this outfit from Season 4. Her nude patent pumps fit that description to a tee.

Guiseppe Zanotti

Layered bow pumps by Miu Miu

As previously mentioned, B has quite an affinity with bows and she doesn’t only want them on her head but on her toes as well, as evidenced by the MiuMiu pumps she wore for ‘Damien Darko’ episode. The shoes feature a black & cream layered upper with a double bow accent. Such sleek design and neutral tones were suitable in her pursuit to make a great impression at her internship.

Miu Miu Double Bow

Gres Mule by Christian Louboutin

Admit it. You were one of the thousands of women all over the world who practically went bonkers over ‘Belles de Jour’. The pilot episode of Season 4 was highly anticipated as the leading girls of Gossip Girl leave the Big Apple for the city of lights. Yes, S & B escaped to Paris and they did it en vogue.Wearing a tiered chiffon dress and orange handbag, Blair graced the streets of Paris with citrus-colored Louboutins. The Gres Mule features ruched detailing, suede covering and a slim ankle strap to boot.Gres Mule

Quepi Reci by Christian Louboutin

Paris may be brimming with fashionable mademoiselles but the girls of Gossip Girl cannot be outdone. On an easy breezy Parisian afternoon, Blair strolled around in a colorful dress with the cutest cherry print design. For a pretty darling in a pretty dress, she looked good enough to eat. Her choice of footwear was rather simple but her overall look needed nothing more than that. After all, a cherry doesn’t need another cherry on top of it.

Quepi Reci

Ernesta by Christian Louboutin

What would a Blair Waldorf wear in a royal ball? You may have seen Blair in splendid gowns during several occasions but this one is extra special. She wore a strapless red gown with heavy ruffle details and accessorized with fuchsia-colored clutch and sandals. There aren’t too many fans of the red and pink combo but Blair wasn’t one to conform though. Her Ernestat-strap sandals are covered in satin and attached on the instep is one of her favorite things in the world: bows.Ernesta by louboutin

Rolando by Christian Louboutin

Watching Gossip Girl is always as good as watching a runway show. You have beautiful people donned in beautiful clothes and accessories from beautiful designers; some of which make a constant appearance in the acclaimed series and one of these is Christian Louboutin. Blair appeared in yet another red-soled piece and this time, it’s one of the classic designs. Rolando may look like your average black pumps but they’re not. Its patent leather is absolutely stunning with its gleam and the low-cut vamp adds a sexy touch to it. Blair can definitely attest to that.

Christian Louboutin Rolando

Claudine by Coach

Episode 6 of Season was quite a feat to watch, especially for those who love scandals. The catfight between arch nemesis B & S was easily the highlight of that episode. While the episode plot was something to rave about, so were their outfits. One of Blair’s ensembles was reminiscent of the 1920s fashion; she sported a cloche hat and plaid skirt. Her peep-toe pumps went flawlessly with the look. Suede and patent leather are incorporated well in the design but the lace-up front puts an exclamation point to Claudine.

Claudine by coach

Oxford Platforms by Chloé

You may often see them raving at parties and chilling at the best spots in New York but there are occasions when they are portrayed taking responsibility over their future. ‘New Haven Can Wait’ was one of the few episodes when the plot zoomed in on the elite gang’s academic lives. Hence, the audience could expect a fresh, classy array of preppy outfits. And when it comes to preppy, Blair is the ultimate model. This attire speaks for itself: collared top, striped neck tie, sweater, pencil skirt and oxford heels. For this, she clearly deserves an A+.


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