Blog of the Week 1: That’s Chic

Behind every fashion blog is its equally stylish author. Although chronicling fashion isn’t too much of a chore for someone who has a passion for that field, it becomes quite a struggle to find a personal niche in a market that’s brimming with a bazillion blogs. So how does a blogger get an edge in the competition? The answer is simple: creativity. And one of the few who epitomizes that is a chic Vietnamese residing in the Orange County.

Thats ChicRachel Nguyen began That’s Chic way back in senior high. Like most blogs, she’s had her humble beginnings when her posts were supplemented by crude visuals such as a photo montage of her favorite style pieces and/or low resolution photos she took herself.

Now that she’s on her senior year at the University of California in Irvine, the quality of her blog posts is a far cry from that during the early years. In an interview made by College Fashion, Rachel remarked about the evolution of her blog, saying “Now, it’s so much more developed and I feel personally in-tune with my readers.”

That’s Chic has been recognized for its unique system of blog posts where she assigned a constant theme for every day of the week. As proof of her creative genius, the 21-year-old even came up with sensational titles: Music Monday, Tasty Tuesday, Wishful Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday and Fashion Friday.

For Music Mondays, she posts a video of a song that’s either born out of LSS or unadulterated music appreciation. Meanwhile, Tasty Tuesday, as the name suggests, is about food, food and food! It’s not necessarily something she has already tried. It could be a photo or a recipe of a food craving. The third day of the week highlights her material desires which are typically fashion pieces from dresses to rings.

Thoughtful Thursday comprises images of dreamy interior design ideas. With half a decade’s worth of posts, one couldn’t help but wonder how she would integrate all those ideas for her own space someday. Lastly, thank God for Fashion Friday where she puts photo after photo of modish women captured on the streets or straight from a fashion editorial where she (and her readers) draws inspiration.

Aside from these weekly servings, Rachel treats her readers to juicy outfit posts where she showcases her casual feminine style. Her trademark ensemble consists of a soft and loose tank top, long flowy skirt and combat boots.  However, she insists that she doesn’t subscribe to a particular style. “I don’t like having to pinpoint a description for my style because I’m an emotional dresser. Not that I wear all black when I’m feeling dumpy, but I kind of work around one piece I feel like wearing that day. I’m all over the place from girly to punky,” she explains.

In her recent outfit post entitled “Urban Light”, she went for a more rugged get-up of Ralph Lauren denim jacket over vintage shirt, khaki pants and black booties.  Now that’s chic!


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  1. Pantofi says:

    That’s Chic is a …. chic blog 🙂