Blog of the Week 5: Karla’s Closet

"I don't wear heels and a tutu to get coffee at Starbucks so that people can stare at me. I wear it because that is what I feel good in." –Karla Deras

KarlasClosetWell, people can’t probably help staring at her—Karla Deras is simply eye-catching. And the best part? She does it with little or no effort at all.

With her enviable dimples, Angelina Jolie lips, and bold pixie haircut, Karla is a real beauty. Add an eclectic and sophisticated sartorial taste and you have a woman who’s made to stand out in the crowd. In her case, she stands out not only in a crowd but also in her very own neighborhood. Karla, who was born of Mexican and El Salvadorian descent, hails from the small town of Simi Valley, California where people around her age were into Uggs and sneakers.

While she admitted to feeling alone in the suburbs in terms of her sartorial pursuits, Karla can pretty much find solace in the millions of readers she has gained since she launched “I grew up (where) no one really cares about style or anything so it was up to me to create my own little fashion world and find inspiration elsewhere,” she mused. “It (Blogging) was such a great way to connect with people who appreciate fashion as much as I do.”

2008 marked the birth of what she considers “a realm of simple self-expression along with a sickening shoe obsession.” Prior to that, the self-confessed ‘goofball’ already had a strong fascination with other style blogs. Inevitably, Karla created her own which easily became one of the go-to fashion references on the web. Her name has become so prominent in the vogue industry that she was featured in several magazines and websites. And as if things couldn’t get any better, Karla has begun collaborating with top companies such as Coach.

Back in her mid-teens, the brunette feasted her eyes on fashion magazines and tried to emulate models, as if playing dress. Among her fave celebrity style icons are Kate Moss, Ashley Olsen and Chloe Sevigny. It didn’t take long before the 22-year-old gave in to the allure of vintage dresses and stiletto heels and began posting magazine cut-outs on her walls.

These inspiration boards, in conjunction with regular fashion experiments, helped shape Karla’s personal style of “’lady meets man’ mixed with other elements”. However, the most crucial style advice she’s ever received was from her mom. “My mom always instilled in me the importance of looking presentable for life. She taught me to wear what I felt good in and that if I look good according to how I feel, then I will do good.” With that, you can say her blog is a celebration of feeling good in one’s own skin (or clothes, for that matter).

Having majored in apparel manufacturing, her ultimate style principle is to be ‘overdressed than under-dressed’, which is more than evident in all of her entries. Just recalling how she once wore a tutu to sign a car deal, you can imagine what other outrageous outfits she was able to pull off. Karla’s neighbors are often left bemused as to the occasion for which she has dressed up. But she has mustered enough confidence not to mind onlookers. This confidence was something she culled from her parents. “They taught me that if you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will,” she shared.

Karla’s confidence also manifests in terms of her choice of footwear. She expressed how “terribly uncomfortable” her Louboutins are but she would insist wearing them. Now THAT’S sacrifice. The FIDM alumnus loves her Pigalle pumps (in black and nude) and her Daffodil pumps with the crazy platforms.


Besides the red-soled label, there are other designer shoes that fill up Karla’s closet. In one of her latest entries, Karla wore a pair of Miu Miu’s with a pair of black jeans. These lace-up boots are made of black suede leather which features a stretch cuff right above the ankle. With a dark lower ensemble, the color of her vintage peplum jacket appeared brighter than it already is.

Miu Miu

In another blogpost, she talked about one of her recent shoe purchases which was a pair of Prada heels. “It was love at first sight,” the budding entrepreneur confessed. The sandals boast of a row of candy-colored jewels in different shapes and sizes while everything else was kept relatively simple such as the slim wrap-around ankle strap and the beige leather.

A piece as dressy as these Prada’s may typically be paired with a flirty skirt or elegant dress but Karla had an entirely different thing in mind: vintage sweater and tattered denim. Apparently, ‘typical’ is an adjective you can never associate with Ms. Deras.


To witness more of her unique and charming ensembles, visit She plans to launch her own fashion line soon so stay tuned!

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