Blog of the Week 6: The Shoedish

What would make you want to loyally follow or subscribe to a shoe blog? Do you have a set of qualifications in your head, as majority of netizens have it these days?

For some, there are standards for a shoe blog to catch their interest. They may want it to have a clean and cool layout; one that follows an appropriate color scheme and ample graphics. They may want a site that is—to say the least—user-friendly; something they can easily navigate around with by means of smart links and functional menus. But above all, the core factor that may raise their impression of a shoe blog from “good” to “great” is its very content. The common fave are blog posts with substantial and relevant information, seasoned with enough wit and coupled with quality images.

Or are you one of those on the other side of the fence who wander aimlessly on the internet and click on whatever shows up on the Google Search Results? Considering the almost infinite number of shoe blogs on the web, random selection would awfully be a tedious approach. (Most don’t even get past the 3rd page of results!)

The Shoe DishFortunately, there is a shoe blog that may spare you the hassle of jumping from one shoe blog to another: The Shoedish.

The blog can pretty much meet your shoe information needs, from the season previews to the season must-haves. As clearly stated in the ‘Company Overview’ on their official Facebook page, “The Shoe Dish is a website devoted to the love of shoes; shoe fashion, industry news, trendspotting, and the eternal devotion to a girl’s ‘other’ best friend.”

To keep you in the know for what other femmes are currently obsessing with, the blogsite features the newest shoe trends…and it doesn’t just end there. They also cite specific designer pieces that go perfectly with the trend. Pretty informative, huh?

The fashion industry takes pride in its dynamism and constant evolution. Moving forward at an impressive rate, fashionistas must cope by all means and catch the most recent news. The Shoedish can help in that department by reporting the latest happenings in the shoe business. Some posts may not be exactly hot off the press but, for sure, they are bits of fashion news that still matter and deserve a good read.

In the style of a “who wore what” tradition (which often sends fashion devotees in a frenzy), The Shoedish fills you in on celebrities’ personal fave in terms of footwear. If you’re dying to find out which soles have touched the red carpet, the website can provide you the nitty-gritty. Long trails that cover the stars’ toes cannot keep The Shoedish correspondents from finding out which designer is responsible for the spectacular heels.

And of course, what’s an authentic shoe blog without shoe reviews? The Shoedish puts the spotlight on a designer pair and pitches you in on what makes it worth a space on their (and everyone else’s) blog. From this site, you can get a lot of pointers that may be valuable in your quest for the perfect pair.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the potential clutter of data despite the large volume of information they provide. The Shoedish keeps a simplistic lay-out with a chic purple-and-white theme. If you have a particular shoe design in mind or a specific designer you want to stalk (or really, to just know more about), the site provides an improvised Search button that organizes all topics by ‘Designer’, ‘Category’ and ‘Shoes’. You can find it under the ‘Shoetopia’ menu just under the neat heading.

‘Smoking Lips’ by Prada

Smoking Lips

Their latest entry focuses on a highlight piece from Prada’s hot rod-inspired collection: the Smoking Lips open-toe sandals. A throwback to the 1980s, the sandals feature bright pink patent leather lips and leather cigarette with smoke to boot. The slim ankle straps boost the sexy appeal to it.

The vintage charm of the Smoking Lips is so undeniable that they can easily remind you of Olivia Newton John in Grease. Without a doubt, these stiletto heels from the Italian label’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection scream ‘bad girl’ in all languages. As The Shoedish cleverly puts it, the Prada Smoking Lips are but “sinful soles”.

‘Sex’ by Christian Louboutin

And speaking of sinful soles, The Shoedish peruses over Christian Louboutin’s provocative creation: the Sex shoes. Basically, its entire shoe structure follows that of the classic Pigalle pumps, except for a simple but rather prominent alteration.

Sex PumpsAs its name suggests, the left and right pieces spells out together the word ‘SEX’ in capital letters, each one dotted with Swarovski crystals, as if to put more stress on the word. Well, you can’t help but wonder if more emphasis is necessary when ‘sex’ is practically a strong word in itself. In fact, The Shoedish was right when they said it need not be spelled as “they pretty much speak for themselves”. The Pigalles didn’t reach an icon status and maintain it for years without that oozing sex appeal.

Made of gleaming patent leather, this timeless Louboutin design is renowned for its low cut vamp and sultry stiletto heels. The Sex shoes come in black or nude but you can never go wrong with either color.

Judging by the rate of their views per month (an estimated 46,600 views), The Shoedish is truly worth a bookmark. After all, the website’s main mission is for a worthy cause: ‘to support the shoe buying habits of (their) shoe fiends, friends, and frenemies’. Now that’s noble!


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