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For those of you who have (or even those who, for some odd reason, haven’t) watched Titanic, you may recall that one movie line which blatantly revealed a universal truth: “A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.” So what does that make a woman’s mind? It can very well equate to a magician’s hat where anything and everything can be dug up.

A woman has an immense affinity for emotions and aesthetics, which explains why a million things can run in her mind all at once. Fortunately, there are people who perfectly understand this and they are the sensational women behind

All Women Stalk - The Women Blog


The website is practically a one-stop shop for everything females could possibly fancy and they have categorized it into twelve: Love, Fashion, Hair, Movies, Health, Celebs, Travel, Weightloss, Bags, Beauty, Lifestyle and Wedding. As how their About Page read, “It’s all about women and the things we like to do!” And their mission was plain and simple: “to be an online platform where women can just be their awesome selves.” You can only imagine how many women have unleashed their inner ‘awesomeness’ throughout the website’s existence!

Stalkers are not only limited to creepy male psychos who obsess about their female victim; women can be stalkers too (and can just be as creepy).  Their favorite prey? SHOES. The subject of footwear can be found in the Shoes sub-category ( under the ‘Fashion’ tab.

In here, you will be led to a wide library of articles from various authors. The articles are written in the form of catalogS of shoes with a single common characteristic or feature, e.g. “9 Fabulously Fashionable Velvet Shoes”, “7 Daring Shoe Designs”, “7 Classic Designer Shoes To Invest Into”, “9 Sexy Pin-Up Style Shoes”, etc. The shoe themes are so plenty, you will find yourself rambling on which one to read first!

Every article includes high-resolution images of the shoe model followed by a brief description and even tips on how to wear it. If a particular pair sparks your interest and you need more details on where and how to get it, you’ll be provided a link to an online store where it’s currently available. Even the retail prices are already provided.  What could be more convenient than that?

Their latest entry, entitled “10 Cute Mary Jane Shoes”, features creations from Vivienne Westwood, Steve Madden and Jessica Simpson among others.

The Steve Madden pair that made it to the list is the Victory pumps. These shoes have adopted the strap across the vamp or ankle that is distinct to Mary Janes but a huge twist has been added to the classic design: concealed platforms, stiletto heels and suede leather. The result is a complete, modern and sultry look. Moreover, you have a choice among black, purple and blush. You’ll definitely “rock the place” with these sexy heels, as how the author put it.
Steve Madden Shoes
She also challenged fashionistas into wearing Vivienne Westwood’s Croco Mary Janes which have earned the nickname “Lady Dragon”.

Jessica Simpson Pumps

In addition, the author has included the Jessica Simpson’s Cheetah shoes and highlighted them as affordable and “wearable”.
Vivienne Westwood Shoes
The shoe realm is indeed vast. And no matter if you have set standards and specified a particular design of the shoes you have in mind, you would still find a fork in the road when you go shopping. But shoe hunting doesn’t have to be that tedious, not when you have All Women Stalk. So go ahead and have a happy stalking day!

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