Blog of the Week 3: Sea of Shoes

Can you remember the first designer shoes you’ve ever had? Well, some may not have a single pair yet; some may still be saving up for it; and some may have already afforded it after grueling months of overtime at the workplace or taking the risk of exceeding credit limit. However, you’d be both bummed and awed to find out that a girl in Trophy Club, Texas got hers at a tender age of fifteen years old…and has not stopped ever since.

She goes by the name of Jane Aldridge and she’s considerably one of the luckiest girls in the world. Jane is the heart and brains behind Sea of Shoes which is currently one of the premiere blogs in the fashion arena. And what started out as a simple summer project turned into an instant ticket to international stardom.

Jane began Sea of Shoes back in April 2007 to while away the time. “I was bored, lonely for fashion friends, and I spent lots of time on the computer,” she explained. Little did she know that her fascination with timeless and trend-defying pieces would earn her worldwide attention. Whether you’re an avid reader or a newbie to her site, you’d be amazed with how a young girl can have so much love for vintage. In an interview, she shared, “I'm a huge vintage collector. I'm always on eBay and Etsy and 1st Dibs... anywhere I can find vintage clothes!”

Like any other personal style blog, her entries were generally about her actual daily ensembles that are so well put together, you’d think she was going to a glamour shoot. But eventually, she did, as soon as she began making noise in the industry. And the editors trusted her eclectic fashion sense that Jane was given the liberty to be her own stylist for most shoots.

The style blog princess has been featured in a lot of publications, such as Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire and most recently, in the book Style Yourself, where she generously shared her sartorial wisdom. These are just a parcel of the gazillion of perks she’s been enjoying since the success of Sea of Shoes.

Last 2009, she was able to live out what every debutante could only dream of: the Crillon Ball in Paris. And as if things couldn’t get any better, she wore Chanel Haute Couture! But it was sitting on Coco Chanel’s very own couch that Jane would forever treasure.

Now that you have a good idea of just how great it is to have a blog like Sea of Shoes, you might want to jump into starting your very own. But don’t fret if it doesn’t start a fire immediately. Even Jane had her share of noob mistakes. “The part that I had a hard time with was getting my blog up to speed with technology. My blog used to look awful,” she admitted. “Be prepared to learn a lot of the boring tech/graphic stuff. Blogging is a huge investment of time if you want unique high quality content.”

And content-wise, you can tell how Jane has been devoted to Sea of Shoes. In one of her latest entries, she shared about a random day out in the city. To match the reportedly “beautiful weather”, she donned a comfy red sweater, white skinny jeans and Balmain zipper boots. Guiseppe Zanotti collaborated with Balmain and came up with the biker chic boots for their Fall 2099 collection.
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