Blog of the Week 4: She Said Shoes

She said she’s capricious. She said she’s neurotic. She said she’s in a serious relationship with her Blackberry. She said she loves flying. She said her favorite movie was Battle Royale. She said she’s never clever. She said she was secretly created by William Moulton Marston. She said she drops things twice a lot.  And she said she’s very rarely serious. Lela London has indeed said a lot of things, but when she said shoes, she definitely had everyone’s attention.

Having been a fashion stylist and a make-up artist for a while, Lela has no doubt become a beauty and style guru. Such weight of experience has earned her the credibility to author a book that practically contained everything sartorial.

Lela generously shared the wisdom she’s culled from the fashion industry and packed the book with a wide variety of how-tos and do’s and don’ts. From wise shopping tips to establishing a fashion career, She Said Style is simply every chic woman’s bible!

Apart from publishing a book and being the fashion editor for She Said Beauty, Lela has yet another accomplishment to boot: a fantastic shoe blog. According to her, She Said Shoes is her ode to one of the most important fashion pieces a woman could ever own. Lela admits to being a shoe fiend herself; she adores platforms and naturally abhors flats. But what’s most endearing is that although Lela knows that designer shoes will always have a characteristic exquisiteness to them, she maintains that there are other labels which offer the same glamour and comfort at a lower price.

She Said Shoes has a simple, fuss-free lay-out. In every entry, Lela highlights and reviews a particular pair of shoes. And she does it with such wit that readers end up in chuckles or guffaws while being awed by the lovely shoe subjects. Indeed, she wasn’t kidding when she said she’s very rarely serious. But as for her remarks on shoes, you can take her word for it; Lela knows shoes like she knows her name.

In one of her recent posts, she wrote about Nine West’s red and white polka dot heels. The title of her entry was ‘She Said Lady Mouse’, obviously referencing Minnie Mouse who’s forever associated with the pattern.

A single glance at them and you can already sense the vintage vibe to it. Apart from the attention-grabbing pattern, they have rounded toes and mid heels (3.5 inches) that also channel the ever sophisticated style of the 1940s.

Another interesting post was ‘She Said Blood Orange’ which featured Christian Louboutin’s Highness pumps. The name of the shoes owed itself to its extremely towering heel height of 6.5 inches with 2-inch platforms.

You may think “ouch” but Lela thought it was “uh-mazing”. But what basically caught the fashion editor’s attention was the distinctively beautiful blood orange color which, in her words, ‘looks as if you have just stepped out of Autumn’. This particular shade of orange is undoubtedly stunning, you’d wonder why it hasn’t reached mainstream consciousness. That is why Lela highly recommended that women diversify the colors in their closets. Blood orange, for one, would be quite a valuable addition.

If you want to hear more of her footwear musings and all the other awesome things she said, check out her website:

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