Celebrity Style Watch: Fendi & Kim Kardashian

We all look to celebrities for fashion tips and new styles to try for ourselves. Every celebrity has their own style just like every one of us has our own style, so it is important to find someone who’s style you can identify with. The hardest part in emulating a celebrity’s style is identifying and finding the products that they are wearing. So when Kim Kardashian was recently spotted looking chic out on the town wearing a Herve Leger short pink dress you may have wondered where she got her shoes from. No more dreaming about finding a pair of shoes like those because here they are!

These amazing shoes are the Fendi Patent Trim Mesh Platform Slingbacks and they are no ordinary shoe. Really, from head to toe, these pumps have attitude. The glossy patent leather capped point toe and trim draws in the attention, while the mesh upper shoe keeps you enthralled. The 5 ½ inch stacked heel is adorned with the gold FF print, but don’t worry; there is a hidden 1 ¼ inch platform so the huge heel isn’t really too steep. Adding to the comfort of these shoes is the light padding on the leather lining along with the elastic inset at slingback for even more comfort. These are great pumps to wear on a night on the town without having to sacrifice any style. As Kim shows, black shoes no longer go hand in hand with the little black dress. You can match them up with any color as she proves by pairing them with a pink and white dress.

Now back to the black shoe part: I ordinarily am not crazy about black shoes; however, these designer shoes defy everything we see black shoes as being. From dependable to timeless to not risky, black shoes are known as the fall back shoe – the shoe you can always rely on. What this means is that black shoes tend to be…..on the boring side. With the Patent Trim Mesh Platform Slingbacks, Fendi has revolutionized the black pump. With the mix of patent leather, mesh, slingback and stacked heel, no one would ever dare say it’s boring. Though, I would say the black color still keeps it classic enough to wear in the work place. One thing’s for sure: you will be the most stylish one in your office, and maybe, just maybe, one day your co-workers will look to you for their style inspiration!

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