Choo Does It Again With Snake and Mesh!

Jimmy Choo Magnum Sandals

So when it comes to shoes I believe there is a time and a place for every style. That being said, plain shoes are boring. Yeah, a simple black pump may be appropriate for work or, say, a funeral but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only type of shoe to wear to work. For example, you could spice up your black dress and blazer with red pumps, or make your gray suit shine with silver sling-backs. Both of these options would be acceptable, right? Not too crazy.

Well, what if I suggested the Jimmy Choo Magnum sandals? I know, I know they scream attention, but what can I say? I’m in an adventurous mood. Choo uses Elaphe water snake in combination with cut out mesh to create a shoe that is to die for. The 4 ¾ heel gives this platform the extra height needed to turn snakeskin from outdoorsy to posh.  I even love the ankle zipper (which has the Jimmy Choo logo on the pull tab).

Katy Perry Wearing Her Jimmy Choo Magnum Sandals

Katy Perry In Jimmy Choo Magnum Sandals

If you’ve been walking around in these sandals for a long time or it is a particularly hot day, simply unzip the zipper to give some extra ankle room or to cool off your feet. There are stretch inserts at the ankle for comfort so you might not even need to unzip the zippers anyway. I really like the cutout design; if the snakeskin pattern wasn’t enough for you to stand out, the cut out mesh certainly is! Yet, at the same time it isn’t an obnoxious shoe where people are going to look at you and say “what is she thinking?” Instead they will just be jealous with shoe envy, and isn’t that the look you are going for anyway?

Now, back to wearing non-ordinary shoes to work. Now that you have had the chance to fully absorb this shoe, the question is would you consider wearing a shoe like this to work? Imagine pairing Magnum sandals with a black dress or a black skirt with a blouse. Can you see it? Not only will your work outfit still look professional and sharp, but it will also be anything but ordinary. Believe me, it is never good to blend in with the crowd; in this day and age it is vital for a woman to stand out from her co-workers. Go ahead and try this shoe out at work; the attention you get will be a pleasant surprise.


One Response to “Choo Does It Again With Snake and Mesh!”
  1. Moe says:

    He makes a sexy shoe! I think I like the black on Katy Perry better than the red.