Christian Louboutin Spring-Summer 2012 Collection

Every season, you can trust Christian Louboutin to deck his line with the most surprising elements. His stilettos still take on that signature shape sought after by women who want to elongate their legs. However, the French designer has made exciting modifications to come up with a refreshing line for Spring-Summer 2012.

While the 2011 offerings were characterized by mesh, cork, espadrilles, denim and patterned fabric (remember the Miss America platform slingbacks?), the 2012 collection is all about beads, spikes, PVC and crystal ornamentations.

Quite an eclectic mix, huh? Well, that’s the essence of a Louboutin: sexy and eclectic.

Indulge yourselves in this array of gorgeous footwear.

Christian Louboutin Torero

Christian Louboutin ToreroThe name alone suggests that Louboutin drew inspiration from these Spanish bullfighters. One glance at this pair would evoke images of a handsome matador in his exquisite costume of intricate beading design. The Torero peep-toe shoes feature glamorous satin leather lined with fine black embroidery from the ankle to the vamp. Even its 150 mm heels are dotted with black crystals. This pair is perfect for evening wear and red-carpet events. Perhaps the wives of matadors may want to grab one of these to wear for their husbands’ next performance.


Christian Louboutin DevidasApparently, the French designer has been immersing himself in Spanish culture as another one of his pieces seems to take on a Spanish-inspired design. As “De Vida” in español means “of life”, the name couldn’t be any more fitting since this pair is just bursting with life. The black suede leather serves as a great canvas for the exquisite embroidery. While the thick heels measure 140 mm, the Devidas’ 2 inch concealed platform adds more chunk.


Christian Louboutin BollywoodyThe Lady Peep gets an Indian fashion makeover in the Bollywoody. Aside from their astonishing sari, traditional Indian fashion is also recognized for their penchant for layering jewelries and lining fabric with beads. The Bollywoody is that very embodiment of the glamour of India as it showcases stunning and exotic hand embroidery. In addition, the hot pink color of the suede leather stays consistent with the theme.


Christian Louboutin MexibeadsThe name game just gets more fun in Christian Louboutin’s Mexican-inspired pumps called the Mexibeads. This piece is practically covered in multicolor beads that are carefully applied to yield a fantastic beadwork pattern similar to that of the traditional Poncho and Sombrero prominent in the Mexican region.


Christian Louboutin MelidesEvery collection could never be devoid of animal prints. For this line, Louboutin matches tiger prints on panama leather with cork. Featuring criss-cross straps and a single-buckle strap around the ankle, the Melides wedges have a sky-high heel height of 140 mm.

Bis Un Bout

Christian Louboutin Bis Un BoutIt was inevitable that the production of bags made of clear PVC material has easily paved way to PVC shoes as well. When Louboutin caught the trend not too long ago, he launched the Zhora pumps which became an instant hit, especially for celebrities. Twilight star Kristen Stewart was seen wearing them on the Jay Leno show and for a shoot with ELLE Magazine.

For Spring-Summer 2012, the Zhora underwent an overhaul and became Bis Un Bout. The variations are evident in the double-looped, slim ankle strap and the choices of leather material (suede or patent leather). Additionally, the Bis un Bout is available in multiple colors such as black, red, orange and neon lime. Picking only one among the four would be a bit difficult as every single one of them is eye candy.

Just Piks

Christian Louboutin Just PiksIn hindsight, Just Piks is a Bis Un Bout with more attitude. Both share the same clear PVC material but differ in the material used for the toe cap and rear part of the shoe. Just Piks’ toe cap is quite a feat with its fascinating strass and spike embellishment. Meanwhile, snakeskin print leather covers the ankle down to the heels.

Un Palace

Christian Louboutin Un PalaceUn Palace adopts the same strass, spike and snakeskin combo but not as pumps but as slip-on sandals with slim ankle straps. The embellishments can be found on its chunky heels. If the combo is too much for you, you can opt for the plain black Un Palace with silver strass heels.


Christian Louboutin CrosspigaThere is a good reason why this piece is called as such. The Crosspiga is basically a modified version of the classic Louboutin Pigalle pumps. It has the same sexy, pointed toes but its striking distinction is the pair of straps that criss-cross from the ankle and all across the vamp. These shoes are highly recommended for those who are tired of the conventional pumps.

Lady Maxi

Christian Louboutin Lady MaxiSpikes and stilettos makes for a deadly combination as putting on a pair of Christian Louboutin Lady Maxi heels can instantly turn you into a woman who’s dressed to kill. The real beauty of these shoes is that they can take you from an evening ball to a rock concert. Truly, this is a versatile piece that should earn a spot in your shoe closet.


Christian Louboutin Summerissima

Among all the pieces in this collection, the Summerissima definitely wins “Most Neutral Award” as there isn’t a hit of vividness in this piece. Nonetheless, these sandals which feature chunky and textured heels certainly has an appeal as they can be paired with almost anything.

For me this is what a designer shoes collection is all about, Christian Louboutin manages to keep a playful range without loosing the WOW factor, simply beautiful!

What do you think? Amother winning collection?

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