Defying Gravity: The Mystery of the Heel-less Shoes

Defying Gravity: Heelless Shoes

Nowadays, the principle of “comfort over fashion” has become a passé. As we move towards the future, we have become more fearless in all aspects, from venturing into extreme sports to our choice of clothing. Without having to conquer the peaks of Mt. Kinabalu, you can take your feet on an adventure even in the local streets. How is this possible? Well, the answer is literally in the shoes. If you think sky-high heels are the most daring they can get, wait ‘til you see or, better yet, wear heelless shoes.

This seemingly fashion oddity can be dated as far back as 1937 when a French shoe designer named André Perugia created Trompe L'Oeil (fool the eye) shoes that make the wearer seem as if she’s suspended in mid-air. It didn’t catch on until a century later when gutsy celebrities like Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham showed that this gravity-defying footwear is truly wearable. You may trip a few times though but perhaps it’s worth it. After all, “fashion over comfort” is the new motto to live by for hard-core fashionistas.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Heel Less Shoes

The handsome American fashion designer once again surprises the fashion world with an unorthodox creation: the backward heel shoes. It technically defies the basic anatomy of the shoes. Which is evidence of Marc Jacobs style brilliance. Straight from his Spring 2008 collection, the heel is found on the arch of the soles and is 4 inches in height. In addition, the backward heels come in different designs and color schemes.
There’s the black satin open toe pump which features a criss-cross toe design and a jewel embellishment. A variation of the backward heel shoes is the patent pump with a stunning color blocking scheme.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander Mcqueen Heelless shoes

The concept of heelless shoes is not limited to pumps but wedges as well. Alexander McQueen catches up on this peculiar shoe trend and introduces the Red Velour Wedge in the Fall 2011 collection. Undoubtedly stunning in red, the upper is made of suede leather in peep-toe design. Also, it comes with a buckle-strap in the ankle. The wearer would definitely be towering in a 5.5.-inch curved wedge heel and 1 inch platform.

Guiseppe Zanotti

Heelless Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes

A few days ago, a starlet caused quite a stir in the Teen Choice Awards 2011 when she walked the blue carpet in Giuseppe Zanotti’s heelless shoes. Lucy Hale of Pretty Little Liars fame electrified the audience by her bare-back dress and staggering shoes. This pair is made of patent black leather to give a glossy finish. For a more secure fit, ankle straps are attached to the shoe. A 22-year old can pull them off so there is no reason that you can’t.

To finish, a heelless shoe post wouldn't be complete without a bit of Lady Gaga!


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  1. shoe addict says:

    Where can I purchase Giuseppe Zanotti’s heelless shoes?

  2. stella says:

    i love these shoes 🙂 fashion is so dearing nowdays! 🙂