Designer Wedding Shoes Buying Guide

When women are preparing for their wedding, they want to buy the dress, the jewelry, and the shoes that look the best. So in their pursuit of the best of the best, many designer wedding shoes brands come into play.

With the beautiful designer wedding shoes designed by Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Roberto Cavalli, Badgley Mischka, and Gucci, you can be sure to get the shoes to make you look your absolute best.

Christian Louboutin Designer Wedding Shoes

designer wedding shoes

A contributor to the resurrection of the stiletto heel in the 1990s and 2000s, most of the shoes made by Christian Louboutin Wedding Shoes feature sky-high heels. The unique red sole, which he has gone on to be his signature, make his shoes recognizable anywhere. He said that the red sole was an accident. That he wasn’t satisfied with the shoe, so he grabbed a bottle of red Chanel nail polish out of a woman’s hand and painted the sole red, completely on impulse. Though most of his shoes are bright (he says they’re inspired partly by pop-art) and sexy, the designer wedding shoes designed by Christian Louboutin are classy and beautiful. However, he stays true to his designs by adorning almost all of them with stiletto heels and the signature red sole. As she walked down the aisle, a bide would be stylish and elegant in a pair of Christian Louboutin bridal shoes.

Manolo Blahnik bridal shoes

Starting with a $2000 loan and a few connections, Manolo Blahnik began his legacy by opening up a boutique in London. Since then, he has opened up shops in 12 major cities around the world. Bloomingdales, Lord and Taylor, and other high-end department stores now carry his line as well. From a small beginning he has grown into an international shoe guru whose shoes are treasured by all stylish women. Manolo Blahnik shoes are bright, embellished, and eye-catching. No matter what color you are looking for, you’ll be able to find plenty of styles to create the perfect outfit. Just like all of his others, Manolo Blahnik Bridal Shoes are beautifully decorated, and make people stare. Many of his shoes have lavish decorations; however, he also has many simple and graceful styles as well. There are many different designer wedding shoes to ensure that you will find the ones that match your dress.

Roberto Cavalli Designer Wedding Shoes

Roberto Cavalli, born in Italy, has been an innovation in the business from the very beginning. With such creations as sand-blasted jeans and patchwork of materials, he has fashion scene in a new direction for decades. His creativity has come out in his shoe designs as well. Roberto Cavalli Wedding Shoes intricately decorates shoes are statement-making and eye-catching. There is a lot of diversity within the collections, with each pair being uniquely decorated and well thought-out. The towering heels are sure to make you feel stylish and sexy. They flaunt colors, patterns, and detail that stand out from both the the other designs within the collection and also from different brands of shoes out there. Roberto Cavalli’s bridal collection carries the general theme of detail and gorgeous design, while still being delicate enough for a wedding. These designer wedding shoes are perfect for someone who wants to be noticeable and fashionable at the same time.

Badgley Mischka bridal shoes

Owned and run by Mark Badgley and James Mischka, the company of Badgley Mischka started in 1988 after the two met at Parsons. Since then their glamorous evening wear has been worn by celebrities such as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Sharon Stone. The runway-ready series of dresses, shoes, and more is complemented nicely by a bridal collection. The shoes they make for the runway are identifiably ornate and beautiful. Badgley Mischka bridal shoes are decorated with straps, metallics, gems, and bows to create classy yet sexy designs. Their bridal collection is just as well-designed and gorgeous as their regular shoes. In white and ivory satin, the shoes are beautiful by themselves. However, with the details that Badgley Mischka included in their shoes, it puts them at a level all their own. The beauty of their construction is noticeable at first glance. A pair of these shoes would complement any bridal gown and ceremony.

Gucci Designer Wedding Shoes (python ivory)

Gucci, formally known as The House of Gucci, was founded in 1921, and in 1932 they opened their first boutique in Rome, Italy. Since then they have expanded internationally and are located in many major cities around the world. Their high-end well-made shoes, purses, and more have become a classic icon of the fashion scene. Their signature print has become recognizable anywhere and their products are coveted by fashionistas everywhere. They, like many other high designers, have come out with bridal collections. Among the many remarkable Gucci Wedding Shoes they make are the python ivory wedding shoes. With strappy sandals and a sexy high heel, these shoes are both beautiful and interesting. They will inspire comments and compliments about their individuality. If you want to wear shoes that are the very definition of sexiness and classiness, the Gucci python ivory designer wedding shoes are the perfect choice for you.

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