Glitter On The Red Carpet

The Grammy’s have become known for celebrity fashion just as much as it is known for music awards. As usual, this year’s fashions didn’t disappoint but naturally we are only concerned with the shoes worn because as we all know it is the shoe that makes the outfit. The shoe fashion stood out this year because of the overwhelming amount of glitter and sparkle. Check out the top 3 celebs whose dazzling shoes made their outfit stand out above the rest.

1. Jennifer Lopez

jennifer lopez in christian louboutins

Jennifer Lopez stunned in a head to toe glitter-filled outfit which commanded everyone’s attention. Her long sleeve mini-dress certainly shined though it did resemble a disco ball but it was her Christian Louboutin shoes that really sparkled. These spike- studded metallic platforms are my favorite shoes of the night. Though those spikes look potentially dangerous, actually I heard that Lopez actually stabbed herself with one of the spikes and required a band-aid, I think that is what gives it its edge.

2. Kelly Osbourne

kelly osbourne in Alexander Mcqueen Shoes

Kelly Osbourne opted for a soft, feminine look. Her lilac dress is by far my favorite of the night though her silver crusted Alexander McQueen shoes gave it more of harder look which I think actually worked to her advantage. Otherwise, this outfit might have been too much “fluff”. That being said, I am not totally sure how I feel about these shoes being completely covered in this silver sparkle material. I mean the body of the shoe sure, but the heel AND platform? I just don’t know if it is glitter overload or not but regardless, these silver peep-toes definitely shimmered and made her whole look shine.

3. Katy Perry

Katy Perry in Casadei shoes

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Okay, so Katy Perry’s angel outfit was a little bizarre for the red carpet but these Casadei shoes definitely make up for it. Like Jennifer and Kelly, Katy opted for platform peep toes with loads of shine and sparkle. However, these shoes differ from the others because instead of a silver shimmer these platforms give off a multi- color sparkle. I also love how these peep toes aren’t slathered in glitter, yet they have just the right amount of shine to make her outfit glimmer.

This year’s Grammy’s was full of metallic, glitter and sparkle but these three celebs had a style that really stood out above the rest mostly due to their dazzling shoes. Without the right shoe their outfits would have fallen flat.

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