Gucci Cruise 2012 Collection

There is practically no reason to question why Gucci has become a household name for fashion luxury. The Italian brand has been flourishing in the industry for 91 years because of its consistency and distinction in manufacturing products of superb quality in all aspects, from aesthetics to durability. Even with the passing of its founder Guccio Gucci, the House has continued to innovate and move forward to fulfill the founder’s vision. Creative Director Frida Giannini has done brilliantly in carrying on Gucci’s legacy and the Cruise 2012 collection is just one of the many proofs.

Giannini’s aim for Cruise 2012 was to integrate both ‘timeless aesthetic’ in a contemporary perspective. “I set out to contaminate the styles seen in archival photographs from the Fifties and Sixties with a modern vision,” she explained. As each model came out on the runway wearing one of the 44 intricate designs, it became more apparent that she has truly achieved the mod look.

Since the Fifties and Sixties saw the deluge of stilettos and small heel tips, the Gucci Cruise 2012 collection was not without them. Here are a few of them:



This could easily be any stiletto sandal but the elastic insert makes all the difference which surely makes for a snug fit. Gucci specializes in genuine leather and you can absolutely trust them even with metallic ones. These sandals’ large straps just remarkably shine in bronze leather. You may want to take Bette out for a dance at the club because this striking pair is definitely made to answer the call of the night.



You gotta hand it to the House of Gucci who can add any tiny accent on their creations and make an entirely new product. For this piece, the usual buckle closure becomes extraordinary with a bamboo detail affixed on it. Can you say innovative?


Eilin_VintageCork wedges are still all the rage nowadays and Eilin just amplifies the craze. These open toe sandals go well with soft cotton dresses in colorful prints. Once you take these for a stroll on a sunny day, you’ll find the red patent leather gleam more against the light and consequently catch more attention.


While it bears a similar appeal with Eilin, the leather web vamp makes Vintage more ideal for lounging at a resort. You could match it with an oversized woven hat and bag. Now you’re ready for an easy-breezy afternoon by the sea! Be careful not to slip into the water though—the 4.1 inch heels are pretty tricky.


Jamie_SofiaEvery woman must have a pair of red shoes in her closet. Owing to its strong color, a red pair of shoes has been proven to boost any outfit. Don’t believe it? Try on a pair of Jamies. It is entirely wrapped in red leather, from its 4.1 inch heel to its crisscross toe straps. And while you’re at it, paint your toe nails with red; you’ll drive even non-foot fetishists crazy!


Every inch of Sofia is, hands down, sexy: the stiletto heels, the slim slingback, the peep toe and most of all, the luxurious python leather in gold color. These platform slingbacks are perfect for that hip-hugging pencil skirt and/or bandage dress.


For an ultra-feminine design, you can’t help but wonder why it’s named Noah. But regardless, these pointed pumps put d’Orsay shoes to a whole new level with its attractive animal print leather. The patent model in light powder color is simply beautiful. Whether you flaunt it with a skirt or highlight its pointed tips with wide-legged trousers, the result is absolutely praiseworthy.

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