Jessica Simpson Meets Mary Jane

The Mary Jane used to be the official footwear of the goody two-shoes. Simplistic and bordering on dull, it began as patent black leathered shoes with a single-buckle strap across the ankle or in-step and closed rounded toes. Heels were either flat or low. However, there was practically no stopping the world’s evolution and what we’ve come to know way back is drastically different from now, even for shoes.

Top brands like Jessica Simpson shoes have injected more attitude on this classic style by adding height and chunk on heels, combining or substituting patent leather for another and splashing a myriad of vivid colors. For their Spring 2011 collection, the house that brought you unforgettable fashion pieces has launched their own rendition of the Mary Jane.

The Ely

Jessica Simpson Shoes
This is definitely an intense take on color blocking that will literally draw attention to your feet. The Purple black and turquoise triple combo is a sure winner. But if you want a more tamed style, you may opt for the powder Chloe leather. For that sultry vamp vibe, you can never go wrong with the burnt red patent model. The Ely pump doubles a peep toe and Mary Jane. It combines an inch-tall platform base and a 5-inch heel, leaving you towering over the rest.

The Cheetah

Jessica Simpson Cheetah Shoes
If the Ely banked much on color combination, the Cheetah will turn heads through its genius mix of both colors and textures. The patent strap on the in-step amply contrasts the suede upper leather and the stacked platforms ingeniously combine fashion and function. With a 5.2-inch heel and 1.5-inch platform, you won’t ever have to feel small and alienated in the middle of a crowd.

Furthermore, the Cheetah boasts of 13 (that’s a dozen and one!) glamorous styles. The Taupe Grey Kid Suede, Dark Brown Spider Dull, Tan Lima LTH and Maya Nubuck in choices of black, violet and cloud grey all feature snakeskin print platforms. The Sand Kid Suede and Black Dream Nappa are rather ethereal in luxurious metallic and black respectively. An attractive salmon pink suede detail puts the cute feminine factor on the Dusty Taupe Nebraska Nappa while the Cranberry Maya Nubuck reminds you of the exquisiteness of red wine. As for the rest of the Cheetah variations–the Powder Chloe Leather, Storm Grey Colorado Leather and Black Sargent Pepper–well they all have their unique appeal.

The Frenchie

Jessica Simpson Frenchie Shoes

Jessica Simpson infuses a retro vibe in the Frenchie with its curled platform and heel. All-drenched in suede, this pair comes in black, cloud, estate blue and burnt red Maya Nubuck.

Mary Janes have indeed undergone a major metamorphosis over the decades and other labels besides Jessica Simpson have contributed greatly to it. This particular Jessica Simpson shoes collection, however, is worth giving it your first look.

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