The Fashionably Odd Couple: Jimmy Choo + UGG Australia

While some have condemned ugg boots as footwear  that put the ‘ug’ in ‘ugly’, others have made a cult following of these fashionable boots.  Originating in Australia and New Zealand, these boots have been kissing pavements since the 1920s and eventually reached worldwide fame as a staple style piece for both ladies and gentlemen.

For those who aren’t familiar with uggs (and for those who have lived on another planet), these are shoes made of sheepskin lined with fleece on the inside. The material has properties that keep the feet dry and at a regulated temperature.  Convenient, huh? But there’s MORE! Ugg boots used to be available only in natural tan sheepskin color and a relatively plain design. Although there were varieties in color, length and design over the years, they were still quite simplistic. Fortunately, it didn’t take long when top designers decided to explore this dimension of the shoe world. During the last quarter of the year, the world was witness to an unlikely but phenomenal collaboration: Jimmy Choo Uggs.

The limited-edition collection is composed of 5 styles, all infused with Jimmy Choo's gorgeous signature elements like metallic studs, stunning prints and hobo fringes.


Jimmy Choo Sora UggsShoes with fringe details are loved essentially because they feel like glorious accessories on your feet. Jimmy Choo understands this very well and attaches a pair of suede fringe layers on the Sora. Star studs also line its cuff and to top it off, you can choose among three colors: chestnut, black and chocolate.


Jimmy Choo Kaia Zebra uggs

It doesn’t require a close inspection to love the Kaia boots. Just one look at the printed lamb suede would instantly register ‘glam’ in your head.  Furthermore, the Kaia features lines of silver eyelets and globular brass studs. The leopard print is stunning and so is the zebra edition which comes in cream/black and charcoal.


Jimmy Choo Uggs Starlit

As their name suggest, the Starlit boots are bedazzled with silver star studs and a round of suede fringe. These ugg boots can take you into the rock and roll scene anytime and anywhere.


Jimmy Choo Ugg boots Mandah

One word: HEAVY – in detail and appeal. Brass and silver grommet and round studs bespeckle this edition to give that subtly luxurious vibe.


Siobhan Jimmy Choo Uggs

The Siobhan is obviously the most distinctive of all boots in the collection. Integrating cashmere Donegal cable knitting detail, these boots feature lamb suede fringe and nickel studs. Passers-by will want to take a second look when you flash this style on the streets.
Ugg boots have definitely come a long way. From a boot that people were sick of seeing, it’s now a must-have for the stylish crowd.  Grab a pair now as the Jimmy Choo Uggs collection is only in production for a limited time.

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