Keep it Flat with Chanel

So if you are like me, then you love heels. It doesn’t matter if you are tall or short vertically challenged. A shoe with a good heel can change the whole look of your outfit as well as give you extra confidence. But let’s be honest: sometimes we just want to relax and play it low key with a nice pair of flats. Now, don’t get confused – relaxed and low key does not mean forget about all fashion sense.

Ugly shoes do not equal comfortable! Likewise, just because a shoe is absolutely adorable doesn’t mean that it has to hurt your feet. If you are looking for the perfect shoe to rest your soles but still look sylish, check out this season’s Chanel’s ballerina flats.

Chanel Multi-Color Stretch Ballerina in Tweed

So I am not usually a tweed kind of girl but there is something about this ballerina flat that really gets me. Maybe it is because of all the colors incorporated into it. Tweed to me always seems so heavy which makes it great for the cold weather but not really for the warm weather. However, I think the light fresh colors make it a good fit for the summer.

The shoe itself looks like a very light grey while the colors mixed in are blue, pink, orange, purple and black. Of course, not completely flat this shoe has a slight heel for your foot’s comfort along with a leather sole. The top is outlined with black to make these designer shoes really “pop”. I think you could definitely dress these shoes up and wear them to work. Pair them with a white blouse and either light grey or black dress pants for a perfectly polished and professional look.

Two-Tone Ballerina in Fantasy Fabric and Tweed with Chanel Signature

If I wasn’t a ballerina flat kind of girl, this shoe would definitely win me over. The two tone mix really works for this shoe. The tweed on the toe and heel is small enough to keep this shoe warm weather appropriate. Then you mix in the “fantasy fabric” with the Chanel logo and you’ve got a visually appealing mix.

To top it off, the white color keeps this Chanel ballerina flat fresh and makes it a summer staple. The small heel makes this shoe a good match to your work uniform and will bring your professionalism up a notch. They may not give you the height that heels can, but they can certainly give you the confidence.

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