Kingdom Of Sheepskin Keeps Your Legs Warm With Fur

Leave it to Kingdom Of Sheepskin to take boots to the next level. What better way to keep your legs warm AND fashionable than by adding fur to your boots? Forget practicality and bring on high- fashion!

There are four fur options in this year’s KOS boots collection that really stand out above the rest. The Sasa boot combines the softness of sheepskin with the warmth of fur. Available in black and chestnut, this boot has a clean look from shin to toe.  The balance of this boot is visually appealing to me for some reason and I can definitely see myself wearing it - if I ever venture out to Maine or Alaska, that is.

Style: Sasa Short

Sasa Short kos boots

As if the name didn’t give it away, the Sasa Short is the exact same boot as the Sasa (shocker!) This is more of an ankle boot which completely throws off the balance of the Sasa, and it kind of resembles a pom-pom. Because the fur is so low to the ground I think you risk the chance of it getting dirtier, too.

The Sienna boot reminds me of the raccoon hat that Davy Crocket would wear. This boot basically has a thick piece of raccoon- colored fur wrapped around the middle of it, exposing both the bottom part of the boot as well as the top. In any case, the Sienna is available in black, chestnut and sand. Perhaps in the sand color it may blend better and give a smoother look to the boot.

Style: Sienna

Sienna Kos Boots

Now the Paska boot is one that you would imagine wearing in an igloo. These KOS boots give a fuller coverage of fur, covering most of the boot. This is the boot to choose if you will be spending a long time outside in the cold. Even better, it comes in four different colors: chocolate, chestnut, grey and sand. Given the option, I think the Paska would look best in chocolate or grey. It’s a shame that this boot doesn’t come in black, though. I think an all-black boot, even the fur, would give it a really classy look.

Style: Paska

paska boots - Kingdom Of Sheepskin
If you don’t have to trudge through the mud or rain puddles, then fur on your boots is a smart idea. Not only does the boot provide good coverage but the fur gives extra warmth to your legs. Kingdom Of Sheepskin are constantly trying to redesign the image of the boot and the fur really adds to their high- end value. Keep a close eye on KOS boots as a "must have" in the near future!

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