Lady Gaga and Alexander Mcqueen – A Perfect Fit

Lady Gaga has been known as a very fashion forward icon. For one thing, the styles that she wears, whether they be clothes, shoes or hairstyles, are always new and out of this world. It takes one very imaginative and innovative designer to keep up with the princess of pop and I guess that was what Alexander McQueen was for her. Lady Gaga has been showing up to red carpet events wearing head-to-toe Alexander McQueen and she never failed to wow us in the unique creations.

Everyone has seen her Bad Romance video where the singer wore several of the designers unique shoe designs like the Armadillo hooves shoes and white high heels that are formed with the image of a skull. But one has to wonder, exactly how does Lady Gaga wear those outfits with complete confidence, not to mention maintain her balance?

Lady Gaga in Alexander Mcqueen shoes
However it is that she does it, there's no question that Alexander McQueens shoes are amazing sights to see. The Lady Gaga shoes that she has been famous for wearing were featured in Alexander McQueen's runway collection earlier this year. The show was all about the future that focuses on images of the earth after the effects of global warming has taken its toll.

Alexander Mcqueen ShoesAlexander Mcqueen Alexander Mcqueen HoofAlexander Mcqueen Blue Metallic Shoes

With heels that were super high and designs that were more like from another galaxy rather than the same planet, Alexander McQueen and Lady Gaga definitely make a perfect fit.

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