The History Behind Lady Gaga’s Heel-Less Shoes

Everyone has seen Lady Gaga in her heel-less shoes but not everybody seems to know who made them and whatever came to mind to inspire the creation of such shoes. If you ask me, or any other person, the first thought would probably be because the designer is crazy. And apparently, crazy is what Lady Gaga loves.
Lady Gaga Platform Heels
Noritaka Tatehana is a 25-year old designer based out of Tokyo and is the one responsible for the princess of pop's gravity defying shoes. He recently dished to MTV about the shoes that has everyone's mind boggled.

When asked about what his inspiration was for the creation of the heel-less shoes, Noritaka said "I am interested in history and in the old culture and would like to divert them into modern world. The unique and creative shape comes from 'Kan Pokkuri,' which used to be clogs made of empty cans. In the old days, Japanese children used to make these clogs, passing a cord through holes made in the cans. After placing each foot on a can, they tried to walk, holding the cord in their hands."

So the designer isn't necessarily crazy but is actually very fond of history, culture and childrens toys. The latter may sound disturbing but he managed to channel all of those three things into a very unique design that has made him, or at the very least his shoes, a household commodity.

Noritaka also thanked Lady Gaga for her contributions to his fashion career, saying "Thanks to Lady Gaga, my collections have become widely known around the world."

Not only has his collections become widely known but his forward way of thinking and design has also inspired other noted fashion houses to make their own versions of the heel-less shoes, including Nina Ricci.
Nina Ricci
But as you can imagine, the heel-less shoes aren't for everyone. It's gravity defying 9-inch platform would definitely take its toll on the shins and legs, not to mention it's hefty price tag as Noritaka Tatehanaís custom-made designer shoes are actually priced at $2,500-$4000. Yikes! I think I'd stick to my regular heels, thank you very much!

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