Marc Jacobs, Take Me Away….

When I dream about shoes, I usually think of pink, sparkly peep toes spiked heels. Yes, these are the images that also help me to fall asleep at night; but once in a while there is a rogue dream. Like all your unconscious visions, sometimes your mind takes you elsewhere – someplace you don’t necessarily want to go. Where am I going with all this?

Marc Jacobs’ Raffia Flower Heel

Well, Marc Jacobs Raffia Flower Heel with Fringe kind of takes me back to such a rogue dream. Now, I am certainly not saying this shoe is a nightmare, but rather it is not the typical dream. This shoe is fierce and demands attention from anyone in its presence, and well, my pink peep toes don’t quite have this kind of power.

The Raffia has an open toe with 100% leather adjustable straps. The shoe’s name comes from the large raffia flower sitting on the front of the shoe. If you look at this shoe from a front view, it looks like a normal strappy shoe with a flower decoration, but this isn’t what the shoe is all about it. This shoe is all about the heel.

Take a look at the profile of this shoe and quickly see what all the fuss is about. Metallic Raffia Fringe. I don’t really know how else to explain it except for maybe it looks like one of those old brooms that were banded together at the top – only metallic. At first this looks like a real phenomenon or one really impractical shoe; I mean, how can the fringe heel support someone’s weight? Well, believe it or not, under that poof of fringe is a wooden heel measuring in at 110cm in height.

With all things considered, these Marc Jacobs shoes look fairly comfortable. The adjustable straps and open toe make this a great sandal for warm weather and the sturdy wooden heel gives a good support to stand on. The metallic raffia flower and fringe heel only add to  the visual of the shoe. Even more, the metallic raffia fringe around the heel gives this shoe mystique. Every person that sees this shoe will be wondering how you are walking on that heel.

Comfort: check. Style: check. Awesomely unique and different: check, check. In your dreams you can now march to the beat of your own drum with the Raffia Flower Heel with Fringe, and leave all that pink fluff to the nights that you want to be just ordinary.

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