Nobody Jazzes Up Flats Like Coach

We live in a shoe society where fashion is all about the heel but let’s be honest; we don’t always feel like wearing heels. It’s true that heels can convey what we are feeling such as confidence, exuberance and sexiness, but what do we convey when we wear flats? The truth is sometimes our feet hurt and we just want to be comfortable! To avoid the stereotypes of flat shoes, pick ones with style. Luckily, Coach has unleashed a whole collection of stylish flats that will still make your outfit look good.

The London Flat gives you the comfort of a flat shoe while giving you an edgy look at the same time. The combination of quality leather with stylish design makes you forget that this shoe is a flat. The top of the shoe has a jewel like plaque with the Coach logo. The design of this flat leaves it looking both classy and posh.

Coach London Flat

The London Flat

The Honey Flat gives off a sweet and simple look yet it is much more than your average flat. This is a stylish update to the classic ballerina flat with its small heel, hand stitching and buttery leather. To top it all off is a cute bow for added embellishment. The Honey Flat comes in both bronze and black and either color will achieve the same look for this shoe.

Coach Honey Flat

The Honey Flat

The Tyler Poppy Flat is my favorite flat out of Coach’s spring collection. In fact, this may be one of the most stylish flats that I have ever seen. I love the patent leather and the bold color choice. The red shoe with the pink stripe makes this flat stand out above all others. The Tyler does also come in a contrasting blue and green color but the red definitely makes more of a statement. The best part of all is the gold enamel heart making this shoe completely lovable.

Coach Flats

The Tyler Poppy Flay

The Lauren flat puts an elegant twist on the ballerina flat. Using the most classic color, black, keeps this shoe sophisticated. The metal embellishment keeps this flat in vogue without taking from its polish. The Lauren also comes in silver but simple black remains the most timeless.

Coach Lauren Flat

The Lauren Flat

So now that you know that you have fashionable options other than flats, why remain in pain? Check out the new Coach flats collection and slip into a pair of comfortable shoes that will not leave your outfit void of style.

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