Over-the-Knee Boots: Give It All Your Luvin’

Whoever said Madonna is back was totally mistaken. How can she be back when she was never gone in the first place? Since she broke out to the music scene, the Material Girl has never really taken a break from entertaining. If she’s not recording music, the diva’s touring across the globe, making a book, directing a movie or involving herself in just about any endeavor that satisfies her artistic whim. At the start of her career (which already spans three decades), Madonna already had the makings of a music royalty, with her adorable girlish vocals, sensational moves and funky fashion. It seemed as if the title of Queen of Pop was predestined for her. She may not hit high notes like Mariah Carey nor belt out like Aretha Franklin but Madge has a talent that’s truly her own. She has certainly revolutionized the music industry that the pop culture you’ve known since the late ‘70s up until today will never be the same without her.

Last February 5, 2012, her Madgesty made another milestone by performing at what is hailed as the most watched show on the planet: the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Finally joining the ranks of Diana Ross, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson and Prince who have all made their glorious marks in the annual fanfare, the singer has truly delivered her promise of putting on “the greatest show on earth”. Her performance garnered approximately 111.3 million viewers, beating Black Eyed Peas’ 111 million the previous year.

Besides the star-studded guest performers and the marvelous LED stage, the costumes were just stunning! The top-selling female artist of all time had three custom-made gladiator-inspired outfits that were so elaborate, the Queen herself most certainly approved. As for her shoes, she solicited the help of Miuccia Prada for an exquisite over-the-knee boots. The House of Miu Miu designed a pair of custom stretch nappa leather boots exclusively for the 53-year-old singer. And to add a more personal touch, a letter ‘M’ framed with two gold metal crowns was affixed on each heel. Consider it the perks of being an icon.

If the Vogue singer got you itching for a pair of thigh-high boots, here are some decadent selections that can make you confess on the dancefloor.

Perforated thigh-high boots by Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney

Before fishnets became tacky, they were the run-to garments for achieving a come-hither look without fully exposing the skin. Today, Stella McCartney shows that there’s practically no need for that as even the tiniest holes can help get that look (although the perforations appear more like studs on gunmetal stockings). The square-toed boots are built with sculpted metal heels and platforms which all the more boost its rock-and-roll appeal. Madonna has worn them herself during the 5th Annual Fashion Delivers Gala back in 2010. Blake Lively and Rihanna were also sighted with McCartney’s creation, so it goes to show this is one purchase you’ll never regret.

Pascalare by Manolo Blahnik

Another pair of skin-tight boots made it to the list but this time, it doesn’t feature perforations but sequins! The sparkly mesh material offer instant shimmering legs that will save you the hassle of buying some bling to amp up your outfit. Word to the wise: When you wear these boots, ditch the like-with-like principle and do not ever match them with a sequined dress or anything glittery. After all, you don’t want to BE the disco ball; you want to be UNDER it, right smack on the dancefloor.

Cancan by Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

For Fall/Winter 2009, Marc Jacobs paid homage to “all those great French muses of the late eighties” and came up with a collection characterized with ruffles, lace, ribbons and puffs. Inspired by Marie Seznec, Victoire de Castellane and Inès de la Fressange, Louis Vuitton’s long-time creative director infused the flirty charm of the 80s Parisienne in every piece, even in the brand’s footwear line.

Take the Cancan boots, for instance. One look and you’ll find yourself rambling as to which to marvel at first: the hourglass conical heels, the pair of black and white pearls affixed to them, the velvet lace or the fine calf leather. Every detail is just awe-inspiring. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about fit or comfort because zippers can be found on both sides of each boot and the insocks are padded. Now that’s just thoughtful.

Supra Fifre by Christian Louboutin

Supra Fifre

There are a variety of reasons behind women’s penchant for the military-chic style: 1) It’s androgynous. 2) It’s empowering. 3) Michael Jackson (or Janet Jackson in Rhythm Nation, if you choose). Whichever the reason is, you can always be sure that this trend is here to stay. With their brilliant minds and crafty hands, the big wigs of the fashion industry can turn any utility look from something rigid and rugged into sexy and sophisticated. Double-breasted front, cargo/flap pockets, brass buttons and zipper detailing are the favorite accents of the month for the next decade and more. Inevitably, Christian Louboutin has succumbed to the regimental craze and came out with his personal take of the military-chic look.

Presenting…the Supra Fifre suede thigh-high boots! These almond-toned pieces feature gold-tone buttons for hoop fastening. They’re such a hit among celebrities like Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Minogue, Fergie, Jennifer Lopez, Carine Roitfeld, Ciara and, yes, even the Queen of Pop. Madonna wore the Supra Fifre in her “Celebration” music video.

Sea.nn Girl by Christian Louboutin

Sea.nn Girl

A woman can never get enough of these red-soled beauties. Here is yet another Louboutin over-the-knee boot to drool over: the Sea.nn Girl. This piece is part of the French designer’s capsule collection which celebrates the brand’s twenty-year existence.

What are most intriguing about these shoes are the credit card pockets on the outer thigh. It may seem absurd initially but when you think about all the times you had to bring a purse for your credit cards, it’s rather a smart and practical idea after all. However, the Sea.nn Girl apparently provides much leg room that it doesn’t exactly show the sleek leg contour even of considerably tall girls. Rihanna, who stands 5’8”, has been spotted a couple of times with the thigh-high boots and they appear a tad bit slouchy on her.

Division by Gucci


Speaking of leg contour, these thigh-high boots offer that sexy leg silhouette you want. With its stretch leather, these babies will wrap your legs without suffocating them. The Division also features a v-shape patent detail that adds a mod feel to it. If you’re having second thoughts about it, take cue from fashion muses Anja Rubik, Victoria Beckham and Lindsay Lohan; they’re huge fans this Gucci piece.

There can only be one Madonna but there is always a thigh-high boot that would perfectly suit you. Besides, who needs custom-made when there are tens of thousands of designer shoes to choose from?

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