Penny Loves Kenny Loves Vamp Shoes

Penny Loves Kenny Vamp Heels

Penny Loves Kenny is such an awesome, hard rock kind of label, and its shoes are just the bee's knees. They are like this cross between rock and punk, and they ooze utter fabulousness. I am especially a fan of Penny Loves Kenny's Vamp Heels, which are incredibly aptly named. They're incredibly affordable for the quality as well. has them for only $67.99. I would totally drop that for this particular pair of shoes. I mean, hello. Talk about vampy!

The fabric you see is incredibly soft, manufactured to resemble suede but it's much more softly luxe, so you won't suffer any chafing or irritation. I don't care how sumptuous the suede is, I always end up rubbing my feet raw when I wear it. But anyway!

What's best is the innovation and originality of those clear panels on the sides. It's like playing peekaboo with your feet, and being able to safely show off a little skin. What could be better?

The almond shaped, rounded toe has an uplift for a sexy arch to your foot, which is guaranteed to show off your legs to their best advantage. The heels are 5 inches high, but are comparable to a 4 inch heel due to a 1 inch platform, which is hidden.

Here's a fashion tip, though: these shoes are ideal to create a splash of color with a more monochromatic outfit. Don't go overboard on colors elsewhere. Let your shoes speak for you, because goodness knows that these Penny Loves Kenny Vamp shoes have quite a lot to say!

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