Props to Dolce Vita’s Punk Rock Noah Wedges

Dolce Vita Noah Buckle Wedge Sandal

Dolce Vita is one of my favorite designers, in no small part because their shoes are so punk rock. When it comes to shoes, my very favorite things are black leather and studs, and that just happens to be what makes up the majority of Dolce Vita's Noah Buckle Wedge Sandal, which can be had at for an astounding $72.80. That price is astounding for several reasons, mind you, but a big one is the fact that these scrumptious sandals are made of Italian napa leather, which is just incredible, it's so supple and luxurious.

I am a short girl. Basically, when I lie about my height, the most convincing fib only makes me 5'4 and ½ inches. If I'm standing around in my bare feet, I'm really only 5'3”, maybe 5'3 and ½ inches. Yeah, yeah, I know; I'm a hobbit.

Anyway, the point of that little height rant is this: I wear a lot of tall shoes. I need them in order to do things like see when I am standing in a crowd of tall people. However, wearing high heels is hard because I am also notoriously klutzy. So, I tend to really, really like wedges, platforms, thick heels, et cetera.

With these sandals, you get both a wedge and a sandal – bonus! The wedge itself, which is entirely self covered, is a crazy high 5 and ½ inches, although it's comparable to 4 inches thanks to the 1 and ½ inch platform, which gives you some added balance.

Now, another thing I love about these shoes is the silver hardware. It's more than just the buckles. There are some hot little studs that go around the bottom. Check out these extra pics to get a look at what I mean:

Dolce Vita Noah Buckle Wedge Sandal front
Dolce Vita Noah Buckle Wedge Sandal back
Now I ask you: could you die?

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