Rene Caovilla Lovely Lacy Ankle Boots

Rene Caovilla Ankle Boots

I am pretty sure that I have made it painfully obvious by now that I love boots. I love them. I am nice, though, so this time I'll spare the spiel about how I love all shapes and sizes and colors – those parts can just be understood! That way, I can launch right into my newest obsession, which come courtesy of Rene Caovilla shoes.

You can probably already tell that I love them because of the lace. Oh, I am so crazy about lace, and these are so tastefully designed. They are simply gorgeous. The black straps and fabric with the creamy color of the lace makes such a gorgeous composition.

It's hard to see, but these also have a precious little peep toe, revealing the contrasting color of the inner lining as well. The boots also feature a fully functional zipper in the back, which of course makes them much easier to slip on and off – always a plus.

As far as the heel goes, it is definitely a killer! It measures out at about 4.7 inches, so you might as well round up and say five. It's comparable to a 4 inch heel, though, because the boots do have a small platform – however, it's only about 1/8 of an inch high. With looks like that, though, I would willingly risk a broken neck, I don't even care.

I found these boots at, where they are going for only $370.0. That seems pretty cheap, but I mean, come on! They're Rene Caovilla shoes!

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