Crazy High Top Sneakers Courtesy of See By Chloe

See by Chloe High Top Wedge Sneakers

The See by Chloe line of shoes has some really awesome pairs of footwear. They run the gamut from snazzy and stylish to edgy and elegant to innovative and downright bizarre – not that there's anything wrong with bizarre shoes. On the contrary, I love a pair of shoes that make a statement. They can also be incredible conversation pieces. I personally think Chloe's High Top Wedge Sneakers definitely qualify as that. These are available at in the color Deserto, which is a warm, toasty shade of beige.

Now, on the one hand, I'd like these a lot better in a brighter color. I'm not much of a beige girl, frankly. But at the same time, I understand going the understated route on the color angle, because the silhouette of the shoes themselves is so inventive and innovative, a brighter color might be just a little too much.

Wedges are making a big comeback, but rather than going with the traditional sandal, Chloe has gone above and beyond the call of duty to create something new, unique, and completely original. These sneakers incorporate another hot trend for the upcoming spring/summer seasons, the high top. They are made of leather, although the ankle panel and the tongue are both made of a quilted suede. The heel is, of course, a wedge, and it is self covered. The heel measures out to about 3 and ¼ inches, while the platform, for added balance is half an inch. Up on the shaft, there are two rows of grommets, which is nice – if you have a thicker ankle or calf, then you get some extra room to lace these See by Chloe sneakers straight up to the top.

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