Sergio Rossi’s Gorgeous Blue Gstaad Booties

Sergio Rossi Gstaad Ankle Booties

I love Sergio Rossi shoes. They are so classy and subtle – yet there's always an innovative edge, something special that makes them super stylish and ultra chic. That's especially true of these Sergio Rossi Gstaad Ankle Booties, which are available at for $670.50. I know that seems like a lot, but bear in mind that they are 30 percent off right now; the price was slashed down from $965, so that's pretty awesome, right?

I'll be honest, I don't normally do blue shoes. Blue just isn't my color – unless it pertains to blue jeans, of course. But these Sergio Rossi booties totally make me change my mind. The color is qualified as pavone, and it is a beautifully understated shade. The leather is embossed with a lizard print, and there is a silver buckle strap, not to mention grommets galore, which I love. I could happily wear grommets on every single article of clothing I have. But here, I want you to see a few more pictures, so you can see all the details up close:

Sergio Rossi Gstaad Ankle Booties SideSergio Rossi Gstaad Ankle Booties

I just love it. The grommets, the zipper at the side, the stitching at the top. Absolutely gorgeous. The heel is covered; it's actually a stiletto that measures 4.5 inches, but that's taken down a notch or two, thanks to the half inch hidden platform.

Now, if you're eager to drop the bomb on buying the Sergio Rossi Gstaad ankle booties, here's a word of advice: they fit small and narrow, so the manufacturer and store both advise you to go up a size, especially if you have wider feet!

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