The Most Memorable Sex And The City Shoes

Its been over twelve years since the first Sex and the City wowed us with incredible stories of love, life and fashion. If you think back to all six seasons and the two movies that followed after the show went off the air, there is nothing more memorable than the fashion, particularly the shoes, that each of the four main characters wore.

A lot of the most fabulous shoes that have been featured on the show have all been worn by Carried Bradshaw, as played by Sarah Jessica Parker. In the first season, Carrie's shoe obsession was actually called her very own substance abuse problem and it was deduced that she actually spent over $40,000 on shoes. But with her shoe obsession catapulting designer shoes by Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo into everyone's radar, I bet that all of the shows fans absolutely enjoyed Carries excessive spending.

We all saw just how deep Carrie lusts for shoes when she discovered a pair of Manolo Blahnik Campari Mary Janes, calling them the urban shoe myth after originally believing that the designer never made Mary Janes. Those were actually one of my favorite shoes that were featured on the show. The shoes are comparatively plain to other shoes featured on the show but there's just something about black stilettos that exudes a sense of power.

Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes - Sex And The City Shoes

Manolo Bahnik Mar Janes

Some of my other favorite Sex and the City shoes made their appearance in correlation to Carrie's bad luck with them. Ironically enough, some of these shoes also have their share of bad luck in the fashion industry but end up getting resurrected.

In season 3, Carrie was left at the dock screaming at a ferry, saying "I've lost my Choo!" The Jimmy Choo shoes that she was wearing were the Mable feathered sandals. It was discontinued some time after the episode aired but they were put back into production in 2008 due to the shows popularity.

Sex And The City Shoes Season 3 - Jimmy Choo Mable Feathered Sandals

jimmy choo mable feathered sandals - sex and the city shoes

In season 4, Cynthia Nixons character Miranda's water broke on Carrie's Christian Louboutin pink ruffled heels. The ones that Carrie wore were from the designers 2001 collection so they're pretty hard to find now but he has been making newer designs of ruffled heels like the Louboutin Fortitia.

Sex And The City Shoes Season 4 - Christian Louboutin Pink Ruffled Heels

Christian Louboutin Pink Ruffled heels

In season 6, Carrie lost a pair of Manolo Blahnik silver d'Orsays after going to a party of an old friend. While her friend did offer to pay for the lost shoes, she refused to pay the full $485 price tag. After announcing a wedding to herself and registering at Manolo Blahniks for one item, Carrie's friend gifts her with a new pair of d'Orsays.

Season 6 Manolo Blahnik Silver D'Orsay Shoes

The arrival of the first Sex and the City movie saw even more high fashion shoes that a lot of women fell in love with. Among these were the Jimmy Choo Atlas, Balenciaga silver-heeled stilettos and the Dior Extreme Gladiators. But perhaps the most memorable shoe from the movie had to be Manolo Blahniks Something Blue buckled heels. Those were the first pair that was placed in Carrie and Bigs closet and were the same ones that ultimately saved their relationship. Oddly enough, Manolo also claims that these were the shoes that saved the company from going under as the design became ridiculously popular and were in high demand after appearing in the movie.

Manolo Blahnik Something Blue Buckled Heels

manolo blahnik something blue

As for the second film, some of my favorites were Charlotte Olympia's Dolly leather platform pumps, Brian Atwood's Loca studded pumps, Patricia Fields Polly mules, Christian Louboutins Studio 120 peep-toe pumps and Manolo Blahniks snakeskin crisscross sandals.

In twelve years, Sex and the City managed to catapult stylish stilettos into the everyday wardrobe of ordinary women. There's no denying that the show and the movies have made a tremendous impact on women's style including my own!

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