Sexy Shoes and the City Part 3

Anyone who’s landed on this page would know who Carrie Bradshaw is. Her preposterous obsession with footwear is so phenomenal, the sound of her name has almost become a shoe label of its own.  Carrie is one of the most iconic fictional characters in television history, owing to her rousing influence over her female audience.

From pointers on coping with a break-up, dealing with insecurities (and you couldn’t believe she’d have any), to matching different colors and textures, Carrie has been the run-to person of the new-age woman. Heck, she defines the woman of today! The female population has dreamed of filling in her shoes literally and figuratively because despite her neuroses and lack of financial wisdom, she remains strong and fabulous.

As full proof of her enormous influence, she was solely responsible for the fashion frenzy over large flower brooches which Sarah Jessica Parker herself brought to the set and suggested to the SATC crew. But above all, Carrie single-handedly paved the way to Manolo Blahnik’s sky-rocketing rise to fame and has become the face of Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin.

In one interview, Blahnik openly expressed how he “adores” the vivacious blonde. "The character she played has had such a role in my career - I cannot help but regard both of them as muses! I adore cinema generally and a large chunk of my collections is inspired by it. It could be a character, a scene, or just the spirit of a movie. I watch them all night long," the Spanish designer exclaims.

Since it is almost impossible to itemize six season’s worth of shoes, here is perhaps just a quarter of her massive shoe collection. And of course, expect a lot of Manolos!

Mable Feather-Adorned Biker Sandals by Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Mable Feathered Sandals

One of the most unforgettable moments in Carrie’s extensive shoe history was the first episode of Season 3 entitled “Where There’s Smoke”. She was chasing after the Staten Island Ferry and ended up getting left behind when she slipped out of her shoes, wailing, “Wait, I lost my Choo!” Since then, the sandals have been dubbed as The Lost Choo. Well you can’t blame her though. Any Jimmy Choo shoe is worth missing the boat, especially for something as gorgeous as feathered shoes. The Mable sandals feature hand-applied dark-hued feathers lined with golden studs all across the vamp.

Apple Green Sandals by Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik sandals
Carrie may have had the most glorious of moments but human as she was, she’s also had her share of cringe-worthy situations. On top of her Wall of Shame was Episode 2 of Season 4 where she modeled for no less than Dolce & Gabbana. A supposedly fabulous experience quickly turned into a disaster when she trips on her stiletto heels and falls face flat on the runway.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, supermodel Heidi Klum steps on her, to which Stanford cries out “Oh my God! She's fashion roadkill!”

The notorious killer heels were ironically from Carrie’s favorite shoe label Manolo Blahnik. With 4 ¾ inch heels, it was no surprise that a little nervousness can make a skilled stiletto-wearer wobble. The shoes feature slim ankle straps and is made of attractive apple green leather.

Campari by Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik Campari

A memory recap of Episode 17 of SATC Season 4 entitled “A Vogue Idea”:
(in the Vogue accessories closet)
Carrie Bradshaw: (shrieks as she picks up a pair of shoes) “Oh my God! Do you know what these are? Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes! I thought these were an urban shoe myth!”

Since then, this pair became more popularly known as ‘The Urban Shoe Myth’. The shoes were first launched in 1994 and were only available for some time. Due to popular demand, it’s back in production after more than a decade.

Manolo Blahnik explained that he wanted to deviate from his baroque designs in the early 90s, and so he opted for something minimalist; hence, a pair of black Mary Janes.  These are made of sleek patent leather with a strap enclosure across the vamp and grosgrain trim. With its sexy pointed toe and 3 ½ inch heel, you can say this is definitely the grown-up Mary Jane.

Pink Ruffle Cascade Heels by Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Cascade Heels

Apparently, Carrie’s catastrophes aren’t only limited to her love life but to her shoes as well. When she doesn’t lose them, she winds up getting them ruined, for all of which she has been remorseful. In episode 18 of Season 4, Mr. Big was bound to leave for Napa and Carrie made huge preparations for an unforgettable send-off. And by ‘huge’, it also includes the footwear. For the occasion, Carrie wore pink Christian Louboutin stiletto sandals with layers of ruffles from ankle to toe. Marveling at her beautiful pair of Louboutins, she greeted it with a “Hello, lover.” only to be showered when the pregnant Miranda’s water broke.

Sedaraby by Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik Sedaraby

Episode 9 of Season 6 went by the title of “A Woman’s Right to Shoes” and from that alone, viewers could tell another pair of shoes was to be on the spotlight.  True enough, there was and it’s no surprise that it’s a Manolo.

If you’re a true blue SATC fan, you can easily remember the Sedaraby as the ‘stolen shoes’ at her friend Kyra’s baby shower. Since it was the party hostess which required the guests to take off their footwear, Carrie obliged her to pay for the loss, which led to a fracas prior to settlement.

Just a glance of the shoes though would make you understand why it’s definitely worth the fracas. The Sedaraby d’Orsay pumps are covered in fine silver satin. Like a cake topper that completes a cake, it has an oval rhinestone detail over its pleated vamp. Although this pair makes for lovely bridal shoes or for evening wear, quirky Carrie pairs it with army green cropped pants.

What are your favorite Sex and the City shoes?

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