Sexy Shoes and the City: Part 1

A multitude of fashionistas were in mourning when the series finale of sex and the City aired in 2004. After all, six seasons of SATC were six years of steadfast guidance in matters of labels and love. Women, gays and perhaps even men who closely followed the fascinatingly twisted lives of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte have developed a sense of attachment with them and the end of the show have somehow created a void. To fill that up, followers settled on DVDs to follow the misadventures of their favorite New York femmes.

Fortunately, it didn't take a decade for a movie adaptation to be finally released. In 2008, Sex and the City: The Movie created quite a frenzy in theaters as it earned $55.7 million on its opening weekend.  Everyone must have been psyched how the girls would be doing after finding their true loves by the end of the series, most especially for Carrie who’s set to get hitched. There’s a lot of anticipation for her entire wedding ensemble and of the entourage’s as well.

How does a Carrie Bradshaw dress up for the BIG day?

As SATC aptly portrayed the style evolution from the late 90s to the early 2000s, viewers are led to another point to ponder: How will Carrie’s signature styling go well with the present trend? The answer is simple: She doesn't! After all, she isn’t one to blend in the crowd; she stands out. See for yourself.

Sedaraby (Zebra) by Manolo Blahnik

In one part of the film, she wore a rose print bubble-hem top and matching skirt with zebra-print pumps and orange clutch—clearly defying the laws of proper color harmony. But Carrie doesn't follow rules; she makes them!

If these designer pumps look strangely familiar, you’d be surprised to know that it’s actually the “stolen shoes’’ from Season 6, only it has undergone some safari makeover. The new edition of the Sedaraby d’Orsay no longer has the bejeweled accent but who needs any when you have loud black & white stripes printed on canvas?

Extreme Cutout Sandals by Christian Dior

Since the movie practically centers on Carrie’s wedding, the most awaited footwear was naturally the bridal shoes. While expectations revolved around white satin and lace shoes, Carrie surprised everyone once again by wearing metallic gladiator sandals under her lavish Vivienne Westwood couture gown. It was more surprising to pair such couture with footwear that was part of an old collection (the Dior Extreme was actually from Fall 2008). But what’s most surprising was that they were worn six times all throughout the film! She wore assorted editions, from black, brown, silver and gold in either calfskin or python.

Patricia Field, the genius behind SATC’s styling, must had a fervent affinity with the said footwear but whatever the reason was, rest assured she has one—a really good one.

Naturally, the House of Dior received thousands of inquiries regarding the Dior Extreme following the release of the movie and broke a lot of hearts when they revealed that the style was no longer in production. Reputed competitors were quick to release more affordable knock-offs though.

The Dior Extreme cutout sandals were very modern with studs and a buckled ankle strap.  With 4 7/10 inch heels, you can only wonder how Carrie was able to pull off the runaway bride stunt in those shoes.

Hangisi by Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik Hangisi

Just because the Dior Extreme made multiple appearances during the 145 minute film run doesn't make them the “it” shoes of the story. In fact, another equally stunning pair took center stage. Touted as the fifth star in the movie, the Hangisi pumps from SATC’s favorite shoe designer Manolo Blahnik acquired a crucial role in the film. Carrie first used them to officially claim her space in her new and envy-inducing walk-in closet.  The pumps were also her “something blue” during the vow exchange. And whose heart didn't cringe when Mr. Big proposed and slipped on the Manolos on her feet?

In hindsight, the blue satin pumps just made its mark in fashion history. The president of Manolo Blahnik USA stated that sixty pairs of these bejeweled pumps were sold from the racks during the movie’s opening day, notwithstanding the hundreds of clients on the waiting list. Furthermore, the Hangisi was actually custom made for SATC. Perhaps it was Blahnik’s expression of gratitude to the series for putting his name on the map.

Black Peep-Toe Pumps by Manolo Blahnik

Theaters were already filled with ‘ooohhhs’ and ‘aaahhhs’ during the opening sequence as Carrie worked up the suit and walked the streets of New York in Manolos. This outfit blatantly portrayed Carrie’s quirky sense of style. Check out the hat bag!

Silver Pumps by Balenciaga

Balenciaga shoes

With over 81 costume changes in the film, Carrie juggled a lot of labels in the film. In one scene, she wore silver heeled Balenciaga pumps from the metallic Fall/Winter 2008 collection to finish off her gray tweed ensemble. It was perhaps one of the rare times she wore neutral hues from head to toe.

Atlas Sandals by Jimmy Choo

 AtlasOf course, the line-up wouldn't be complete without Jimmy Choo shoes. Carrie wore strappy patent Choos over black patterned tights. “What was she thinking?” you may ask. Well, that’s her fun and bold take on fashion.

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