Shannon Britt Makes Me Want to Be a Ballerina

Shannon Britt Womens Cammy Sandal

Oh em gee, I have fallen in love. Shannon Britt is so very, very awesome, I have no words for it. Why? Because of this Womens Cammy Sandal, which is $295 at, and which I would probably pay twice as much for, provided I had the money.

This shoe is like the essence of lovely, dainty femininity. Those are just some of the adjectives that I spring to mind when I look at it – and believe you me, I look at it every 10 … seconds or so. Maybe even every five; I just can't help myself.

It's just so pink! Forget ballet flats, this is what every ballerina should be wearing – off the stage at least. I'll even go so far as to say this would automatically make you feel like a ballerina if you were wearing it. The creamy pink ribbons wrapping up your calves – what could be prettier or more elegant than that, I ask you?

The heel is a modest three inches, and the sandals feature gorgeous Swarovski crystals as well, for some added glitz and glamor.

These seem to be part of the collection that gears itself toward designer bridal shoes, and I can completely understand why. I mean, they are pretty enough to make me want to get married tomorrow, you know? I'm usually more into darker pinks than this light, feminine shade, but with this shoe? Baby I am seriously in love, you have no idea. What do you think? Of the ribbons, the crystals – too much, or just perfect?

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