Leather & Feathers from Shannon Britt

Shannon Britt flats - Olivia Flats

Have you ever come across a shoe, and you really aren't sure if you like it or would ever want to wear it, but you still can't help but admire it because it's so strange and somehow innovative? Shannon Britt just did that to me, with her Olivia Flats. I sort of don't get these shoes, and yet I do. I'm pretty sure I would never wear them, partly because I couldn't possibly feel stable or comfortable.

See, the fact that the side there is cut out, while aesthetically neat, would I believe make me feel like I was constantly about to tip over. I can't help feeling like my feet would constantly go sideways – kind of like when you turn your ankle and it buckles, causing the side of your foot to go flush with the ground.

Still, I love the design of the shoe itself. This version of the Olivia flat is actually done in shades of silver, gold, and green. I'm normally not a fan of gold, but I think it looks neat here. That feathering on the toe is all thanks to feathers, which creates a really whimsical look. In addition, satin meets leather for a really luxe look, especially since the leather is all done in metallic shades.

All in all, I'm a fan, but I'm sort of a fan from a distance. I can admire these shoes from an artistic view point, and as a general shoe lover. Practically, however, i'm not entirely sure I would find them comfortable. You can get this flat in designs and color palettes without the feathering, but that side cutout remains throughout all the options. Still, if you want to try them out, Endless.com has these Shannon Britt flats for $165.52.

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