Step on the Sand with Madden

So the summer is here and that means that it is time to start hitting the beach. But do you have your summer wardrobe in order? Beach dress? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Floppy hat? Check. Super cute sandals? Before you answer- styrofoam and plastic flip-flops do not count! You don’t have to wear cheap supermarket flip-flops just so you can battle the sand. Steve Madden has super cute sandals that will help you command the beach and keep you looking chic.


Just because you are going to the beach doesn’t mean that you have to wear those flat Styrofoam flip-slops that slap back against your heel and hurt your feet. Instead, you can wear something like the Steve Madden Groom Sandal. It has a thin sole so you can navigate the sand easily but it also has a slight heel so your feet aren’t completely flat which will help keep your feet from the pain of walking flat-footed. It also has an ankle strap so you don’t have to worry about slipping out of them. To top it off, the top has a bunch of multi-colored jewels so you can stand out from head to toe.

Snazzysteve Madden Snazzy sandalIf you are looking for more of the simple look that flip-flops have but still want that extra “oomph” then the Snazzy sandal is the way to go. The thin sole of this one also has a little heel to keep you from walking flat-footed. This Steve Madden sandal is a thong style that has the piece that goes in between your toes. The band has little rhinestones to keep you looking feminine and pretty. The best part is that the Snazzy comes in three colors: black, white and pink. So you can get them all and match them to your bathing suit. Just because you are on the beach doesn’t mean you can’t have good fashion sense!


Here is one last pair of sandals to satisfy your designer shoe craving when you hit the beach this summer. If you are the kind of girl who likes the added embellishment of a bow to your shoes, then the Brennaa is the sandal for your. Just like the sandals above, this one also has a thin sole with a slight heel. Though, this one just has a foot strap over the top. The big bow tops this look off. Get it in black, white or pink and waste no time getting to the beach!

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