Step Up with Fendi Platforms

Fendi Fantasia Platform

Everyone has a different shoe style. Some women like to stick with classic looks that don’t take any risks and that blend in with the crowd. While some women enjoy a unique shoe that pushes fashion limits and casts the spot light on them and their feet. If you are reading this blog, you are likely part of this second group. If you have been looking for a shoe that is bold, fresh and completely unconventional, then I have got the perfect shoe for you!

The Fendi Fantasia platforms may as well be called the show-stopper because wearing these shoes in public will make everyone stop what they are doing and look at you. They demand attention and will not go unnoticed. If you are willing to have the next shoe in your wardrobe be a shoe that can single you out in a crowd and that is fashion forward, then look no further.

These Fendi platform shoes will make you feel like you are walking a step above everyone else. The Fantasia’s sole is separated into three parts, giving it a multi-dimensional heel despite the fact that it is just a platform. The heel area is defined by a green back panel so at first glance it looks as though this shoe has a separate heel. The middle part of the platform is composed of brown leather which is an extension of the suede buckled straps. The front part of the platforms provides a completely differently hue and look.

The bright blue strap across the toe adds yet another tone to this shoe while the wide slingback strap adds a different texture and the thin brown suede buckled straps give a break from the chunkiness of this shoe. The platform’s unevenness, along with the different colors and textures, make the Fantasia 100% unique with no other shoe out there that can stack against it. To top it all off, because you are standing atop a full platform and not on a heel, you will feel the comfort of wearing a flat shoe.

I acknowledge that this shoe isn’t going to appeal to everyone. In fact, the amount of women that will be bold enough to wear this shoe is far less than the amount of women who will be too intimidated to wear them. However, sometimes it is a nice change of pace to step outside your comfort zone, and you may just discover that this are the type of designer shoes that you have been looking for your whole life.

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