The Appeal of Miu Miu

Miu Miu Pumps

Miuccia Prada used her nickname to launch the now well-known designer shoes brand Miu Miu back in 1993 as the more affordable derivative of the Prada fashion house. While everyone thought that the two lines would be similar, Miu Miu has set itself apart and has been seen as the bratty and funky little sister of the very stylish Prada.

While some of the designs could be considered tacky by snobby fashion elitists, Miu Miu's appeal to actually comes from the creativity of the designs that are often not seen in high end styles. While the label still has elements that can be compared to that of Prada's collections, Miu Miu is edgier. The unique designs are more likely to be seen at parties while Prada designs are more for more formal events.

If you're worried with the fact that Miu Miu is connected with Prada and that it may have the same expensive price tag, fret not. The brand is a more affordable way to incorporate the Prada name into your everyday fashion without the hefty price tag. You don't have to earn celebrity-type income to have a pair of Miu Miu shoes in your shoe racks. While $250 may still be a lot to pay for shoes, which is still much lower than Prada shoes, you have to remember that you're paying for originality and exclusiveness that's associated with Miu Miu.
Leighton Meester In Miu Miu victoria beckham in Miu Miu Shoes
The shoes coming out from Miu Miu consists of boots, pumps, sandals and even flats. With such a diverse collection of designs, it shouldn't be a surprise to find everyone from celebrities to the girl next door falling in love with the brand. Amongst its Hollywood supporters are the likes of Camilla Belle, Leighton Meester and Victoria Beckham, with the latter two even being spotted wearing the same layered bow pump design. These women like to take risks with their styles and enjoy being different from the rest of the celebrity crop. Miu Miu is clearly a label that allows individuals to be unique and have fun.

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