The Best of Prada Sling Backs in 2010

Prada is one of those brands that you would rarely find a design to not like. The shoes that the design house came out with this past year are no exception. But for 2010, I personally believe that Prada shoes for women really shined with their sling back designs.

With all the great designs that came out, it's really hard to pick just one or even a top 3. I actually have a top 4.

My first pick for the best of Prada sling backs in 2010 is the perforated sling back sandals. The design features an adjustable sling back with a leather and mesh trim. It has 4.5" heels and 1" platforms.

If sling backs can be divided into music genres, I think the perforated sling backs can qualify under rock. It may look sleek but the mesh trim definitely screams rock and roll to me. With its simple but unique design, these shoes can be paired from anything to office wear to a pair of tight jeans.

Prada shoes for women

My next pick is the knotted sandals. This leather peep-toe shoes with knot detail and gold tone buckle have 5" self-covered heels and 1.25" hidden platforms. The ankle strap can also be adjusted for your comfort. Now if these were classified into a genre of music, I'd put them under pop. The knots make it seem fun and flirty much like the pop genre.

Prada Knotted Sandals

My third pick is the patent leather peep-toe t-strap sandals with gold hardware. These Prada shoes for women shoes have self-covered 2.5" heels and adjustable ankle strap. This screams classics to me with its low heel, and simple and sleek design. The fact that it's the only white shoe among all the edgier black ones also sets it apart for me.

Prada T Strap Sandals

Lastly, I have picked the crisscross platform sandals. These shoes feature leather bands overlapping to make the crisscross design with an adjustable gold-buckled sling back. This Prada design also boasts of 5" heels with a 1" platform. This is the type of shoe that can pretty much go anyway you want it to go, depending on what style of clothes you decide to put on. Whether you're a rock star or the girl next door, this Prada sling back can work wonders for you.

Prada Criss Cross Platform Sandals

If sling backs are the shoes that you live for, Prada was definitely the brand to have gone to this year. With the designs that their collections featured, it wouldn't be a wonder to see more of these amazing shoes come 2011.

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